[PS4] Yakuza Kiwami $8.73 @ PlayStation Store


all time cheapest on the PSN store
Great for those whose missed it when it was a PS+ game back in November 2018.

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  • an absolute steal.

  • Great price, have to upvote eventhough I already own the game.

  • love this game

  • The Dragon of Dojima

  • I just started playing the original Yakuza from 2005.

    • while this is a remake of the OG on an updated engine, it has been slighty reworked to be a more direct sequel to Yakuza 0 - added references and a few substories continue on.

      • ahhh. okay, that's cool!

        I'm actually playing a remastered version on the Wii U right now. Really testing my Japanese skills!

  • great game, great series

  • Wow, so cheap you're just about better off buying it outright than using Game Pass.

  • Nice find! Clear and concise post for a good game at a great price

  • My favourite series of all time!

  • I could not more highly recommend this game, especially if you are familiar with any Japanese culture.
    Even the side quests are hilarious and well written, this is an absolute bargain

  • This by far is the most popular PS game among us rich kids.

  • Highly recommended. I love these Yakuza games. Currently playing Yakuza 6 at the moment, still got Judgement on my pile of shame, too. And Like A Dragon is coming out here in November, I think.

  • Would this or Judgement be a better staring point for this series?

    • I mean, 100% yakuza 0 would be a better starting point but between judgement or kiwami? probably kiwami

      • I'vent played any games in the series, probably worth grabbing both kiwami and judgement and wait for Yakuza 0?
        Not sure if you can compare, but closest game I've played and really enjoyed was Sleeping Dogs, hope Yakuza series are even better?

        • Yakuza is like sleeping dogs if it was also a comedy, the general aspect, and tone of the main story is very similar to sleeping dogs but the mini-games, side quests, and generally most other things are done in a very humour driven way.
          I can't objectively say the Yakuza series is better because they are different games at their core but to me I far prefer Yakuza

          I'd recommend picking up Kiwami (this was also the first game as 0 was a prequel) and then making a call on judgement after playing the first few hours of Kiwami

    • Judgement is a spin off, not really part of the main series. So probably optional whether you play it at all.

      As kutosotuk said above, better to start with Yakuza 0, but that's not on sale and Yakuza Kiwami is dirt cheap so this is a good spot to start. You can always go back to 0 later - it's a prequel, so Kiwami doesn't really depend on having played it.

      TBH, none of these games really HAVE to be played in order - I started with Yakuza 3 then 4 on PS3, skipped 5 since it came out on PS3 after I'd already moved to PS4, played 0 then Kiwami then Kiwami 2, now I'm playing 6. Ie I'm kind of all over the place, but it doesn't stop me enjoying them at all.

    • So while Kiawmi is technically game 1, and a fine place to start. Yakuza 0 is a prequel specifically designed as an entry point for newcomers.

      Judgement is a standalone spinoff set in the same city.

    • Judgement has nothing to do with the Yakuza world, so you can play that at any time

      Yakuza 0 would be a good place to see if you like these sorts of games though

  • I bought kiwami digital few days ago for $25…

  • Wish Yakuza Remasted Collection would drop in price already

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