Asahi Beverages Discount - NSW, QLD, WA, VIC

Hi guys,
I have a discount code to give out for new signups. This will give you significant discounts (about 20-30% but it differs for every product) on alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. There is only 7 availbe so I will post the reference code to the first 7 that reply to this thread and truely want it. The discounts will not apply without the referal code. There is a minimum of 3 or 4 cases per order and a maximum of 4 alcoholic cases per order. Delivery is only to qualifying suburbs within the greater metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.

I wont put this is the main bargain thread as there is only a limited amount.
Also, so that you are aware, I will see your full name on my main account but nothing more.

EDIT: All 7 have already been sent

Beer and Cider
Asahi Super dry
Asahi Black
Green Beacon
Mountain Goat
Two Suns
Cricketers Arms
Mid Strength

PreMixed Drinks
Vodka Cruiser
Wild Moose

Non Alcoholic
Pepsi Max
Mountain Dew
Pop Tops
Soft Drinks
Zero Sugar
Iced Tea
Kids (pop tops, cordial)

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  • I would be interested to see the pricing on these products :)

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      Asahi Soukai 330mL Bottles 24 Pack

      Asahi Super Dry 330mL Bottles 24 Pack
      Asahi Super Dry Black 334mL Bottles 18 Pack

      Vodka Cruiser275mL 24 Pack

      Anything more in particular? Postage is not included. Let me know if you still want the code,

      • I'd like one please

      • Thanks for the reply, double checked and I'm not within delivery range.

      • Its turns out these discounts are different to the discounts everyone gets with the referal code.

  • dib

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  • Sign me up please need to stock up on super dry :)

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  • Me pls

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  • I'd take one please!

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  • Yes please!

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  • Me please

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  • Yes please mate!

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      sent, thats the last one

  • I might have missed the boat but would love a code if one is still available - Asahi Black is awesome.

    • I will let you know if any codes are not used up by Monday.

      • That's very kind, thank you.

  • That's all 7 sent. Enjoy the savings guys.
    If there are any more codes in the future or if there are unused ones then I will share again.

  • who is the vendor?

    edit: don't worry…

  • Please. thanks

  • yes please if you get more codes in future

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    Are the Asahi Super Dry 330ml bottles actually Asahi Super Dry (made in Japan)? Or are they "Asahi Super Dry" (made in China)?

    The Japanese one is great, but the Chinese one is dogp*ss. In my experience, what we get in Australia are bottles from China (avoid), but I think the 500ml cans are from Japan. Not sure where the kegs come from that we get in pubs here. The Super Dry Black bottles are from Japan and are also very good - I prefer that one to the regular Super Dry, actually. I think the Soukai one is made here in Australia, too, although I can't recall who by. I haven't tried it so I can't comment on how good it is.

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      Was just about to comment this. Recently read the label to see made in china.
      For a product where the quality of water is important, this is surprising and has turned me away from Asahi

      • You just have to look carefully. So many of the "imported" beers (not just Japanese ones) here are either actually made locally or in some 3rd country. Like I said above, though - if you know which ones to get you can get hold of some real Japanese beers.

        Old Richmond Cellars in Melbourne have some good real stuff, too (Suntory Premium Malts, Koshihikari, Hitachino Nest). Not cheap, though - especially by the time you add on shipping if you're outside of Melbourne and thus unable to go pick it up yourself.

  • If any of the lucky 7 are in Melbourne, feeling generous and aren't maxing out their order, I'd love to cash in on this

  • Looks like all gone? If not i will be interested in Asahi, Mountain Goat or Somersby

  • Disappoited that I missed out on these. Would have great.

  • Damn would have loved to checkout some discounted Green Beacon

  • :(. Missed out. Love Asahi black and wouldn’t mind to buy a lot of it at this price. Please let me know if you get more vouchers. Thanks a lot.