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Boost Mobile $300 Prepaid Sim Pack (240GB Data) for $250 @ Officeworks (in Store)


Saw this in Milton QLD, not sure if it's nationwide. Doesn't seem to be available online. I guess this is to price beat the Coles $255 special for the 240gb sim this week

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  • Can i call officeworks and ask them to beat (or match) using this photo you just added?

  • How easy can you port from Telstra pre-paid to Boost?

    • Requires a phone call. Ported 3 services no worries

      • I heard they ship a new sim after the call. Is it true?

        • Yes this is true they send you out a boost sim that already has your number on it

        • Nope. I bought a $300 Boost sim which they ported my number across to

          • @LolwutMikka: Did the port from Telstra to Boost happen via their activating/porting website, or did you need to live chat/call for this.

            As I have been a regular new sim activator and porter, I can no longer port number to Telstra and Boost ( also recently Optus and Vodafone ). I have to go via live chat or call, but as mentioned above, since March Covid rules almost impossible to get service both ways, so beware of this.

          • @LolwutMikka: I checked at local Telstra shop and they told porting to $300 is not possible so I am porting to $1p0 offer of Amaysim and after a month will port to boost.

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              @BargainMac: don't need to wait a month.

              When I moved from Telstra Business (postpaid) to Boost I got a vodafone sim, ported to that, then 10 minutes later ported to boost. (probably not necessary)

              Number was across in less than 30 minutes.

              • @knk: Thx,
                I wish if had known this before, though my situation was different being on a postpaid plan.
                On the other hand, I did Ozbargained with $35 amaysim plan in $10 for a month before jumping to Boost.

    • Simply get a free Optus SIM from any Optus store (or $2 from Woolies/Coles etc), port out to Optus, once done, port to Boost. Whole process will complete within an hour.

      • How do you get the free sim? And is the Optus Sim already activated?

        • Either order it online, it will come in post in 2-3 days, or go to any Optus store and pick those or tell them that I want to port my number to Optus and activate a plan online. They will simply port your number to Optus without any plan or payment.

    • It's pretty painful with a lot of steps but it works. It's worse if going from Tellstra postpaid.

      1. Call this number 1800 100 933 and say I want to "port from Telstra to Boost Mobile, I need a special blank Boost Mobile SIM"
      2. blank sim will arrive
      3. Call 1258887 to switch to prepaid sim "port from telstra to Boost". I am switching from Telstra to Boost and they need me to switch to prepaid first. (ignore if already on prepaid)
      4. Call Boost on 1800 026 678 when done.
      5. Call them back later to transfer the $300 sim credit you bought.
      • Simply get a free Optus SIM from any Optus store (or $2 from Woolies/Coles etc), port out to Optus, once done, port to Boost. Whole process will complete within an hour.

  • Just port my number from Optus. Just to remind everyone who will making or receiving lots of phone calls, there is No Call Waiting Service from boost, such a basic and essential fuction, and boost doesn't provide it. Very disappointed 😞

  • with wfh, mobile data was a thing of the past

  • I am still waiting for a discount on Telstra 12 months $300 prepaid, really need the esim ability now as I need to host a foreign sim.

  • do they expire? mine runs out on november and was hoping to get another year

    • You have to port out and back to use the starter sim. Expiry should be 2021 making in workable.

  • It should be 12 months expiry. Has anyone checked any other stores in different states?

  • Can I buy this and activate in 6 months ?

  • As a former staffer, it's probably a case of this ticket wasnt changed when the price was reverted to $300. The price on the website would be the actual price.

  • Darn, can't get to price match with OW!

  • Where are people buying this from? Online is $300 so people are going into their OW store and asking their local store to match this QLD store??

    Please help clarify how to buy.

    I bought one last time from OW for a family member and need another now :)

  • Anyone managed to get this deal at any other stores/ different states ?

  • I wonder if anyone has tried activating a telstra esim on boost by going through the replacement sim activation process. I remember back when Woolworths mobile was with Optus, you could activate a replacement Optus sim on Woolworths mobile portal.

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