Giztop - Hassle for Incorrect Listing

Hi OzBargain just wanted to let you know my experience with Giztop.
I purchased the OnePlus 8 Global model phone from their website (listed as EU Warehouse) Non-Chinese variant meaning it should include B28 and they listed it as $579 USD.
They turned around after I made the purchase saying that no, its a Chinese model with Global ROM and that if I wanted the international model it would be an extra $40 USD.
(At this stage I had not emailed them, they emailed me first so they knew they had stuffed up with the listing).

I advised as they could not satisfy the terms of purchase for the product to refund me, these emails were ALL SAME DAY as the purchase.
2 days later the seller triggered the refund, however because of Exchange Rates I was shorted $58.04 AUD due to the incorrect listing.

I had then had the hassle to go through PayPal (with me temporarily getting my account restricted trying to contact someone) and PayPal kindly added the variance to my PayPal wallet to then bank transfer back to my bank account.

tl;dr, Incorrect listing, store would not honor (requested more money), leading me to a hassle getting my money back in full.

10/10 would avoid.

And yes I didn't realise they charged in USD because I changed the website to AUD when looking at their prices but via PayPal it came through as USD.
If it was < $10 I'd have sucked it up and moved on, also when on the AUD portion of their website it said it was going to be $954 yet PayPal had it converted to $886.15 ? so VERY misleading with the pricing too.

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  • Didn you have to send the phone back?

    • The phone never shipped so here's the rundown.
      Phone purchased 22/07 around 6am AWST.
      Giztop emailed around 11am AWST.
      By time I requested phone refund was around 4pm AWST.
      2 days later they did the refund.

      During those 2 days the exchange rate must have changed enough to cause such a big refund variance which luckily PayPal covered.
      If I had have used Debit card I could have been up for a much longer wait.

  • From what I’m understanding the overseas seller made an error in the listing, immediately afterwards they realised this and informed you.
    They offered a solution that you declined so they refunded your money.
    Paypal took a cut of the currency exchange but you’re furious with the seller.
    That doesn’t make sense to me.

    • The seller should have honoured the purchase as payment had already been taken, also to take 2 days after to refund caused the hassle.
      A seller should not ask for more money after payment has already been paid in full.

      Also, I was not to know the listing was incorrect, the seller did not do their due diligence.

      • In cases of a genuine price error, companies arent obliged to honour the deal, even when payment has been made. Theres been plenty of examples of this in the media
        Even then, a company thats based overseas and that doesnt even have a website cant be held to Australian consumer laws.

        • That is true, that doesn't make this any less frustrating or BS to deal with though… Just putting my experience out there, not here to argue with you on pedantics.

          • @nicholsonr: You’re bad mouthing a company who actually did the right thing. That’s not right

            • @Meho2026: They didn't supply me with the product ordered and instead asked for more money due to an incorrect listing.
              No matter if they made it right afterwards, the issue stemmed from the incorrect listing in the first place, which they control.

          • @nicholsonr: It's life, you chose to buy from an overseas company, who doesn't accept AUD. The refunded you the same amount they received, they don't control the Forex market.

  • 2 days later the seller triggered the refund, however because of Exchange Rates I was shorted $58.04 AUD due to the incorrect listing

    Could have gone the other way. If you profited then you wouldn't be here. Take the good with the bad.

  • I was shorted $58.04 AUD

    How did you lose 7% in two days? Did the AUD crash?

  • Could have been the overseas transaction surcharge that doesn't get refunded

  • I've had this before (different store). it's a common issue of paying in USD and rather than cancel the original transaction they refund you as a separate transaction in usd. You eat currency exchange fees in both directions and it adds up.

    The only easy way around it is to pay using a USD credit card or pay using USD credit balance on your PayPal account or to pay in aud.

    I guess the alternative might be to reverse charge the ccard or have PayPal cancel the original transaction rather than have giztop issue a refund. If you were planning to buy something else from giztop you could also ask for an account credit to use later. I've used account credit on banggood before to get around the double currency conversion refund fee.