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[eBook] Free: "Learn to Play Piano" (A Step by Step Guide to Playing The Piano and Reading Piano Music) $0 @ Amazon AU, US


LEARN TO PLAY PIANO: a step by step guide to playing the piano
A really easy and fun to follow course - perfect for all students.

This book includes a number of worksheets (which cannot be completed in a digital book). Copies of these can be downloaded free from my website for printing at home. (Website address can be found at the end of the book).

You may like to consider buying the printed copy of this book as you will then be given the opportunity to also have a free copy of the Kindle book.

This attractive course features:
• New skills introduced one step at a time
• Simple arrangements of well know tunes
• Original tunes in a variety of styles
• Written by a piano teacher with over 20 years experience
• Designed to match the abilities and interests of early teens and older juniors.
• Just the correct balance between new material and repetition so that students retain what they learn.

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  • 70+ votes and no comments 😮
    Breaking Bad. Thanks Nocure.

  • Anyone know affordable keyboard for beginner?

    • If it is just for beginner, you can try Casio SA77, just wait for deal on Ebay, sometimes they got 20% off to bring the price down to $80. For more budget, I heard people recommend Yamaha P45 or Yamaha P125.

      • Thanks, will check these out. Is it worth getting the yamaha for beginner? Or better start with something cheap like the casio and upgrade it with times?

        Also is it better to get digital piano or keyboard?

        • 88 keys is maybe worth getting. then consider if you want hammer keys (weighted so it feels like a traditional piano). after that, you can invest in a midi to usb connector and buy synthesia, which can teach you how to play songs.

        • If you want to play piano songs, I recommend a keyboard with weighted keys. If you want to play synth music, non-weighted/spring is what you want. It's worth trying a few at a music store.

        • I personally followed the casio path and now upgrade to Kawai. Initially I bought the casio for my kids to get into piano, and now I am also interested in piano as well.

          In my opinion, if you have the chance you can invest in the yamaha for beginner, or just buy a second hand on FB market. The bad thing on the cheap casio I mentioned above is it does not have USB or MIDI port so it cannot connect to ipad. So keep that in mind when you purchase a piano. Having these connections will help you in learning with same apps like Simply Piano or Flowkey, kids learn through apps is like playing games so make them more interest in piano.

    • Casio PX-160 if you want touch response and textured keys (faux ebony and ivory) , have had it for 5 years now and I can't fault it.

  • I find people are really interested in piano, especially in this period. Any good deals on gumtree or FB marketplace were sold out in a couple of hours, like yamaha p45, yamaha p125, kawai es110, kawai es8.

  • Title is no longer available

  • Wasn't this always $0?

  • We have a Yamaha P45, had it for nearly four years. It was designed to replicate a piano much closer than other keyboards in its category (Yamaha recorded piano keys being played at eight different levels, so the keyboard gives you reasonably accurate sounds depending on the strength with which you hit each key, rather than simply recording each key once and just upping the volume). There are definitely better KBs out there, but this is a good solid device for its price.

  • Please excuse my ignorance but I don't have a kindle nor understand how it works, can someone give me an idiots guide to how I can 'get' this book and then 'read' it, without a kindle? My 6 yo old is screaming out for new piano material during lockdown II, cheers