Whose Gym Has Closed Permanently?

Was looking on gumtree for gym equipment in the last couple months and I saw some listings of people selling off commercial gym equipment which were clearly part of a gym before, and this got me wondering how many gyms has or will be closing permanently during and after covid19. For what it's worth to the discussion, my partner and I both quit our plus fitness memberships during covid and got a home gym set-up now.

Has your gym closed permanently? If you're still going to a gym, how many less people are there now?
And if you own a gym, how has covid impacted your gym and how are you handling it?


  • My gym has rented out all the equipment to members (or at least the ones that is possible) like, exercise bikes, rowing machines, free weights. They’ve suspended all payments too. I don’t see how much longer they can survive, they’re a chain, but not like a Fitness First level chain gym

    • What have you been doing exercise wise now that your gym's pretty much shut shop?

      • Rented from them some weights, and a bench. But also been doing body weight and cardio. I’m also looking into getting a calisthenics style gym built in the backyard by a buddy

  • My gym has closed. The owner has sold most of the equipment. The owner did offer to continue programming personalised workouts for clients, but at an even higher price than they were charging when I could go in and use the equipment. Times are tough!

    • Shame to hear that, I bought some gym mats from a gym which closed, I feel for them. What are you doing now then? Did you get your home gym setup or did you move to another gym?

  • All the gyms i know of are BOOMING.

    I would normally know about 85% of the clientele at either morning or afternoon sessions. Since the reopening, i know about 15% and a heap more patrons overall.

    • which gyms are they? Are they major chains or independents? I can see why that's happening with people wanting to get back into the gym but also with gyms closing so all their clients go to the ones still open.

  • Major chains within my region. All gyms are open in my area.

  • My gym still operating and i've seen more people inside than I did before.