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[PC, Steam] Doom (2016) $5.49 @ CD Keys


Looks like the cheapest ever for the PC version.

  • Developed by id Software, the studio that pioneered the first-person shooter genre and created multiplayer Deathmatch, DOOM returns as a brutally fun and challenging modern-day shooter experience.
  • Relentless demons, impossibly destructive guns, and fast, fluid movement provide the foundation for intense, first-person combat – whether you’re obliterating demon hordes through the depths of Hell in the single-player campaign, or competing against your friends in numerous multiplayer modes
  • Expand your gameplay experience using DOOM SnapMap game editor to easily create, play, and share your content with the world.

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  • Thank OP!

  • One of the best games, I actually like this game over DOOM Eternal, I however can see why people prefer the new one too. Worth $5 if you haven't played it already!

    • Totally agree. Better than Eternal!

    • What didn’t you like about Eternal ?
      Asking because it was the same for me , there were too many Gameplay mechanics and the platforming sections were just tedious

      • A lot of sections felt too long, like you'd be in a battle for too long, I'd either die or get fed up of being closed in for too long for a battle. Sometimes after work, you just want to play for like 30 minutes, but some levels in Eternal take like an hour to complete. I also agree that the Platforming was tedious, but I understand that they did it to break up the longer combat sections and give you a bit of a breather. The thing is, DOOM is supposed to be about constant action and combat, at least thats how they market it. You know… 'Rip and Tear… until it is done'.

        Also there's a huge lack of ammo in Eternal, so I found myself constantly having to use the chainsaw a lot. It made the game kind of unfun, because instead of focusing on just shooting and blasting enemies, I'd be furiously looking around for ammo or fuel for the chainsaw to refill my ammo or hope it was ready to use. In the first game, I barely ever had to use the chainsaw. Maybe as like a very, very last resort a few times. But it feels like maybe once a battle, I need to use the chainsaw in Eternal.

        I found DOOM 2016 very fun, even if it wasn't amazingly challenging, I felt the first game was a little too easy. I barely ever got below 50 health in the first game. I didn't play on the highest difficulty, but I did play or Hurt Me Plenty (which is basically normal, I think?). I tried the easiest difficulty in Eternal and found it just annoying to play. I wanted to just go around blasting enemies and feeling like the powerful Doom Guy. But it seems their idea of making the gameplay more challenging was just to increase how long you're in battle and to limit your ammo. What they really should've done instead of reducing ammo, was make the enemies perhaps a bit faster or more deadly in terms of damage. It would've kept the free flowing combat going instead of me running out of ammo and having to run to chainsaw some enemy to even have a chance at not dying.

        It's not all bad though, I can say one thing, the puzzles are more interesting, I like the grapple hook mechanic alot, the weak points on enemies is genius (nothing more satisfying than hearing that 'pop' sound when you get one) and I loved the new weapons/mods. It's still a good game, I just prefer DOOM 2016 in terms of fun.

        But hey look, I understand why maybe some people found the first game too easy even on the hardest difficulty (Nightmare), but I think the 'happy medium' would be just to add an extra difficulty mode for those players who want a harder experience, while keeping a similar difficulty for people like me who just wanna sit down, relax, crack open a beer and have some fun free flowing combat without having to use the three brain cells I have left, after work to think about ammo or where it is in the level. Each to their own that way then.

        DOOM 2016 was and still is my "oh my internet is lagging but I still want to shoot things at a fast pace in a relaxing manner" game. It's an excellent series and the developers did at some new cool stuff to the Eternal, but I still prefer 2016.

      • I liked Eternal better, but it is much more about resource management and is even more over-the-top in terms of it's violence and themes. They have also changed the art style to suit the less serious nature of the game. I think a lot of people miss the semi-serious tone of Doom 2016. I know I miss it at times, but going back and playing it now just feels painful.

  • Playing this right now on a budget gaming build- a Dell Optiplex 9010 with 16GB RAM, SSD and 1050 Ti. Runs smooth on ultra settings. So good!

  • Almost as cheap as fit-girl repacks!

  • The best Steam price so far has been $10.48, so this is a really good deal.


  • Doesn't this site essentially use stolen CD keys? Or CD Key's purchased with stolen credit cards?

    • No. This is a grey market seller, not a black market seller. They get their keys from cheaper regions. They are legitimate and no fraud is involved.

    • You are right in that there are risks in buying from this site.
      There is a long discussion on reddit on this. If you are interested, google it and read up on it.
      Because there are issues with sites like this one, those sites are not includes on ITAD and deals for them are not allowed to be posted on reddit.

    • You might be thinking of G2A

    • I've always wondered why people neg legitimate questions, i can understand wrong assertions but negging for just enquiring about the legitimacy of the site/product doesn't make sense

      • Exactly, I thought I would ask as I remember seeing a big hoo-haa about key sellers on reddit a while back. I remember reading a Dev asking people to pirate the game instead as they lose money having to do key refunds/credit card charge backs. I thought all key resellers were the same. I've since done some more research and agree with the comment about them being grey market. Not completely legitimate as an official seller but claiming the keys come from a legitimate place.

  • Awesome. Downloading now.

  • This game is a lot easier to get into than the original Doom. Don't be put off if you found the old 90s Doom too hard.

    • 90s Doom or 90s Quake ?


      • Both. 2016 Doom kinda feels like Quake now that you mention it. But it's easier, it's not just running and gunning. Moving around feels really fluid and contextual special attacks are very easy to initiate, the game gives you a really clear indicator of when to press the button.

  • Thanks Op, great price

  • Thanks Op, just purchased and got my key straight away.

  • Fantastic price, thank you OP! Bought key