Store Representative Posting Limits Have Been Updated

There have been some changes to the store representative posting limits, effective today.

The limits are currently as follows (edited 2 May 2013):

  • Store reps can only post 1 deal per day 24 hours.
  • For stores that have less than 2 rep posts, the limit is 2 deals per week 7 days.
  • For stores that have at least 2 deals in the past, the performance of recent deals determines the maximum number of deals that can be posted per week.

Weekly limits are determined by the performance of recent deals. Vote average is calculated across recent deals (currently set to last 30 days), and the vote value per deal is calculated by (postive votes - negative votes).

  • If the 2 most recent deals made it to the front page (i.e. >= 20 votes), the store is allowed 3 rep deals per week.
  • If the vote average is 8 or above, then the store is allowed 2 posts per week.
  • If the vote average is between 3 and 8, then the store is allowed 1 post per week.
  • If the vote average is below 3 but above 0, the store is temporarily banned from rep posts for 2 weeks from the time of the most recent post.
  • If the vote average is below 0, the store is temporarily banned until the vote average improves over time (may take up to 30 days).

This is also documented on the Store Representative help page.

Feel free to post your questions/comments for discussion.



    If it counts the most two recent post vote, I have 6 votes. I should not been banned for posting new deal. Could you please check? The first deal I post, some people seem confused. I've solved the problem. Unfortunately those people didn't come to fix their votes. Hope you can help on this.



      Chatxm, could you please start a TWAM post instead if you wish to discuss your specific case. This post is for discussing the feature itself.


    Thx Moocher, I've posted on TWAN as advised. A bit confused though.



    I posted a sale promo today and had two people leave negative feedback and comment that they couldn't find the SALE section on our website. I don't know why they had trouble because it is very visible in the top bar and I posted a direct link to the sale. I also wrote back to them apologising and explaining how to find the SALE, however now my post has been deleted and I am unsure why?

    When can I re-post a new deal?

    Warm regards,


    Not sure if you mods get alerts when people post in this thread so I'll send a message to you guys if I haven't heard back by the end of today.

    This system is great to weed out bad deals but it also punishes some stores that have great bargains. I have posted a few deals from my store Esio Entertainment. It's all up to the members to vote, I get this and support it. However, members seem to buy said products from deals but don't leave any votes. Which leaves me and other stores with a posting limit of 2/week. I'm only saying this because this deal got 45 sales within a few hours and only got 15 +votes. This deal had another 14 sales of Watch Dogs and all 30 BitDefender keys were given out and the deal itself only gathered 9 +votes.

    My suggestion is that if a store gets the amount of sales like Esio Entertainment did AND can provide evidence of it, their posting limits should be raised in the event that members don't leave any votes and/or comments after purchasing. Or you could make it clearer to the members via information on the side bar on Rep Posts with the message "If you like this deal, please + vote so the rep can post more deals" or something along the lines of that.

    • I think an important thing to remember is that the clear majority of users on OzBargain aren't members and therefore can't vote. For example a snapshot of right now:

      Online Now: 4892
      Members: 979
      Guests: 3913

      If you posted a deal right now, only 20% of people on the site (members) would have the ability to vote for it. It's very normal for sales to outrank votes (depending on the product and price). All things being equal and non members and members have the same buying habits, if you sold 100 items then only 20 of those sales would be from registered members who are able to vote. Your example of making 45 sales and receiving 15 votes (33.33%) could show that more members actually voted on your deal than members who purchased it.

      On the flip side a lot of members vote on a deal they recognise as a good bargain, even if they don't purchase themselves, so you might find that members who voted on your deal actually outranks members who purchased your deal with all this in mind.

      We aren't going to ask for stores sales figures, that would be very tricky, could involve sharing personal information and isn't something we want to involve ourselves in. I would agree that often store rep posted deals often attract less votes than if a regular user posted the same deal, we would certainly like to shift attitudes in that respect. Although I think that store reps who engage with the community and have a good standing with them can shift this attitude themselves in time; newer store reps may not receive as many votes on their deals as if a regular member posted it however.

      Appreciate the feedback and will discuss this more with other mods. Thanks!


        I completely see the logic behind the decision now, especially with those member/guest figures. Allow me to suggest something else then that is slightly relevant; when Rep's post deals, it's usually with an Ozbargain exclusive coupon code. How about a system that hides coupon codes from Guests and has a message saying "Please login to view coupon". This way you kill two birds with one stone; OzBargain gets more members and it increases the chances of getting +votes from Guests (who would now be Members). This idea doesn't have to be limited to Rep posts.

        We aren't going to ask for stores sales figures

        I do suppose I am more transparent than other businesses. It didn't occur to me until now that other businesses might not be willing or comfortable sharing their sale figures.


          How about a system that hides coupon codes from Guests and has a message saying "Please login to view coupon". This way you kill two birds with one stone; OzBargain gets more members and it increases the chances of getting +votes from Guests (who would now be Members).

          Idea has been thrown around many times, but Scotty has said from the start that it's not what he wants



          but Scotty has said from the start that it's not what he wants

          Not even limiting it to OzBargain Exclusive coupons?


          @Dagmar: How does the system tell if it is or not then? You'd have to code another thing to pick in the submit form which might not always be picked, requiring mods to fix it. Don't see it happening as said.



          You'd have to code another thing to pick in the submit form

          That's what I meant; an extra (clear and bold) tick box next to the coupon that says "OzBargain Exclusive". If the Reps' don't tick it, then that's on them.

        • @Dagmar:

          We've noticed that even as things stand alot of the 'OzBargain exclusive' coupons posted on here aren't exclusive at all, so I could see further issues there and no doubt even more users claiming exclusive coupons that aren't.

          Above all, whilst I don't want to speak for Scotty, I think I can say we don't want to be one of 'those sites' that force users to sign up to see content - in any form at all (as Spackbace stated).

    • Hi Dagmar,

      The voting system is to highlight popular deals. When more people log in and vote on your deals, they would also vote for other deals as well. We'll then need to tune the parameter in the backend for restriction and throttles — so you still end up having the same stores being limited, because they are not as popular as other deals.

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