Best Mid-Range Smartphone ($300$500) in 2020

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What is your favourite Mid-range Smart Phone for the year 2020?

Mid-range: Phones with market prices between $300 AUD to $500 AUD. Good phones don't always have to be expensive, and there lots to choose from in this category.

The Winner of last year's poll was the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 followed closely by the LG V30 Plus.

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  • Suggested Google Pixel 3A XL

    Google Pixel 3A XL

    • Could you please share a link to where you got it for under $500? Might be worth posting it as a deal too since the lowest deal expired deal that comes up in a search is over that.

  • This just came out but will it make it in time for Oz?

    EDIT: Sorry just realised the price cap was $500.

  • For iphone users out there…

    EDIT: Sorry just realised the price cap was $500.

  • If you wan't a phone that goes flat halfway through the day this is also a good choice.

  • Oppo A52, great bang for buck and massive battery life, Gcam support.

  • If the Moto G 5G Plus is priced right (when it comes to Au market), it might be a contender when it goes on sale at the $500 mark.

    • How did they decide this was a good name considering they already sell a phone called the "Moto g5 Plus"??

      • Lol I was wondering the same at the very alike names, but then, I remember there are tech companies with products that have much worse naming schemes. ( Looks to all the computer monitors 😂)

    • I bought the G5S+ 2 years ago for $300
      I just bought an OPPO a91 on a plan as I have no money &
      the G5S+ was dropping out during voice calls

  • oppo 10x zoom/ oppo reno 5g

  • Suggested Xiaomi Mi 9T

    Xiaomi Mi 9T for $399 was pretty great value for the mid-range:
    Upsides: Unlockable bootloader, custom ROMs, good battery life (finally a phone that goes all day!), dual SIM, band 28, NFC, large full screen 6.4" display with no notch, regular MIUI updates and security patches, has GCAM mods, more RAM than most at 6 GB, in-screen fingerprint reader, and could be bought with local warranty & from local bricks and mortar retailers.
    Downsides are: the weight (e.g. 24 grams heavier than Pixel 3a XL), no wireless charging (but it's not a given feature in this price range, e.g. the 3a doesn't have it), and the faffing about to remove MIUI if you decide to use a custom ROM (but you don't need to if you don't want to).
    Issue now is getting stock - no idea if it's out of stock forever, or just temporarily because of COVID-19.

    • I bought one for $399 in March from that deal but haven't seen it at JB since.
      Awesome phone for that price, using it now. Too bad those deals were so rare.

      • Yeah, I got it in Feb from JB, then I set up an alert on it to monitor for price changes, then it went out of stock, then back in stock in March for a few weeks at the same price, then out of stock again, and exactly as you say, nothing since. Which is a bit annoying since I bought it on a Coles MasterCard with price protection, so ideally I want them to keep stocking it, at a progressively lower price, so I can get the drop refunded to me ;-)

  • A lot of these phones are released prior to 2020. Shouldn't a 2020 poll be about phones released in 2020?

    From GSMArena:
    Google Pixel 3a - released 2019
    LG G8s - released 2019
    Samsung Galaxy A51 - released 2019
    Google Pixel 3A XL - released 2019
    Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 - released 2018
    Huawei Nova 5T - released 2019
    Oppo A91 - released 2019
    Google Pixel 3 - released 2018
    TCL Plex - released 2019
    Samsung Galaxy A50 - released 2019
    Realme XT - released 2019
    Nokia 7.2 - released 2019
    Xiaomi Mi 9T - released 2019

    How about some actual phones released 2020?

    Moto G8 Power
    Oppo A92
    Nokia 5.3
    LG K61
    Xiaomi Redmi 10X 5G

    • If those older phones are available "in 2020" then technically they qualify for the poll, right?
      The poll isnt asking for best "of 2020"

  • Suggested Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite

    Hope its is better option.

    Mi 10 lite

  • Huawei Mate 20 leaps and bounds over all these.

  • Suggested Xiaomi Poco X3

    Poco X3

  • If you want to another odd 30 bucks on top off the $500 A71 is an excellent choice from Samsung and it ticks all the box for me. Only catch grab it from samsung educayional store and subscribe to newsletter for extra $50 off.
    With the cellphone department changing so rapidly how many times have we found ourselves stuck with old tech before it even gets old. Or even worse get stuck with repair costs( been there done that way too many times) worth half the price of the phone itself.
    A71 in my view is excellent choice. Period.

  • Xiaomi Poco X3

  • Pixel 4a

  • +4 votes

    What's a good buy around the $400 mark prioritising battery, camera, and screen? Poco X3 is interesting but I'd rather compromise in the gaming department for a better camera, while they went the opposite direction. Doesn't help that the rear of the phone is absolutely hideous, or the chances of device updates past Android 11.

  • Suggested Xiaomi Redmi Note 9s

    Can be had for under $300

    • Snapdragon 720G
    • 6GB, 128GB, microSD
    • 6.67 inches IPS LCD, 1080 x 2400, 395 ppi
    • Rear Camera: 48.0 + 8.0 + 5.0+2.0 MP
    • Front Camera: 16.0MP
    • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot
    • Bluetooth 5.0
    • 5020 mAh battery
    • Would you say this is better or worse than Poco X3 NFC? What does the poster you're responding to mean when they say worse camera? I thought Poco X3 had better camera than Note 9?

  • The polls will be closed soon at the end of this month. Make your choices (or don't) and revote if you have changed your minds