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2019 Boot'R V2 Anodised Aluminium Balance Kids Bike Red - $49.95 + Delivery (Save $100) @ Letour Cycles


After seeing another deal here for a $200 balance bike, I was shocked to see the price being $200. A quick search found this so I thought I would share it.

Given that Balance bikes arent used that often after kids get their balance, ours migrated after a few weeks, spending a fortune on a balance bike makes no sense.

While we bought ours secondhand for around $20 some cant be bothered or haven't got the time, hence this post.

They have one even as low as $36 (scroll down on the posting and you will see other colors and prices)

Shipping can vary but in vicinity of $12

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    After seeing another deal here for a $200 balance bike, I was shocked to see the price being $200

    This one doesn't have fat tyres though?

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    I just took the pedals off a normal bike and that did the trick.

    • I was wondering if this would work… our little guy is only 18months old

      • Nop, unless you are getting a really good bike, such as woom/early rider/cleary which are very expensive in Australia and still a bit too heavy for 18 months old. It is very likely to be too high at the lowest setting too.
        If you are not prepared to spend a lot, get a Strider 12 sports and move on to a mid-range pedal bike when they have the strength to handle them around 3-4 yo.

    • Yep, this x 10.

      My kids got the hang of balancing within a few hours - then the pedals went back on. They were around the 18 month age.

      Avoid training wheels - they don't teach balance and let riders go much faster than they're capable of managing safely.

      • No offence but I highly doubt the accuracy of your memory. How much did you spend on that bike? What is the weight/height of your 18 months old and the weight of your bike?
        I know a fairly large number of kids who start riding balance bikes at the 18 mo mark and they are only ready to move on to a pedal bike at 3-4 yo, mostly because they don't have the strength to handle a not-so-expensive bike that parents are more willing to buy for them. The best-in-class toddler pedal bike Woom 2 is abt 5kg (~400USD or ~1000AUD shipped to Australia) and a proficient balance bike rider can use it around 2.5 yo. If we are talking abt the more typical 10kg bikes (~$300 AUD), 4 yo would be about the age.
        Your kid might be highly exceptional, but mastering pedalling even the lightest bike at 18mo (and within a few hours!) sounds outright impossible to me.

        • Yeah, you're probably right - it was a long time ago and I just remember them being really small.
          It was definitely before prep, as we would ride there together. So 4 is more likely.

          Bikes were $10 from trash & treasure, so definitely not high end.

          • @serapax: Yeah 4 sounds like the right age. I think the only viable way to get a 18 mo to have fun on 2 wheels is to buy a proper sub-3kg balance bike. It is definitely not a waste of money or rather an essential at this young age.
            For most I still recommend the strider 12 sports. It is well tested and widely used worldwide, so you are taking the guesswork out of buying some less established brands. It is relatively cheap compared to other upmarket balance bikes, costing only ~150 new and retains its value well with a pretty big 2nd hand markets. The seat starts uber low for 18 mo and the extended seat post can go all the way up to 5 yo if they somehow dont want to move on to a pedal bike. The only "con" is its foam tyres which are less comfy for longer rides for older kids, which can also be replaced with proper tyres if needed. Hand brakes mod is also possible.

      • Avoid training wheels - they don't teach balance and let riders go much faster than they're capable of managing safely.

        I was on training wheels till 10yo. Stacked it after they were removed. Hell I still stack it at 40yo. Going uphill. Walking. I'm glad it's due to the training wheels…….

      • Yeah don't think I've ever seen an 18 month old riding a bike with pedals. That would be pretty extraordinary…

  • I bought a wooden one from kmart for 20, my child loves it and has already learned to keep her balance and to properly control it (practicing inside the house in tight spaces while in isolation might have been the main cause though.

    • Our older kids learned to ride using training wheels and removing the wheels was a very painful exercise, especially for my back.

      Our youngest learnt on a wooden balance bike and it took five minutes to transition to using pedals on a 'big' bike.

      • now go forth and yell this from the rooftops, like I do every time I see a child on a bike with training wheels and an oblivious parent nearby!

  • Cheap for a nice light balance bike. Luckily for me though I just scored a Giant branded one on marketplace for $10 otherwise I’d probably jump on this for my 16mo.

  • These are great, super light weight and durable

  • Gumtree has these all the time. Prob the same 2nd bike getting passed on at cost price. Could be worth a look.

  • Ok. Now this, could get very interesting indeed.

  • There is a ig difference between cheap and very cheap balance bikes for kids. I day get the cheapest aluminium balance bike… The difference in the weight of the bike is like 10% or the kids body weight in a bike vs like 20% of the kids weight in a balance bike. No reason to spend $200. I found one for about $70 but I would have gone this one had I found it.

  • Here's my 2c, having just spent the last few months watching my toddler on his balance bike.

    I initially got him a Strider Sport copy. It cost something like $40, but looked exactly like the Strider down to the nuts and bolts used. From memory it weighs about 2.9kg. My son loved it and rode it no problems from about 18 months of age.

    I then decided to get him another bike so I could leave one at my parents house, and decided on the Cruzee. The Cruzee weighs 1.9kg and let me tell you, the difference in weight makes a massive difference when you are miles from home or the car and you have to carry you kid and the bike.

    If I were doing it again, I would definitely go for the lightest bike I could find.

    • How much did you pay for Cruzee?

    • My kiddo has a Cruzee too - he started using it at 18 months or so, and at 4 still loves it and will soon be passing it off to his little sister. We haven't bothered moving to a pedal bike just yet, simply because he still fits the balance bike and loves gliding on it, which makes it great for family walks.

  • what's different from Kmart $20 bike?

  • A few weeks use out of a balance bike? Our balance bike got used for years, you don't have to go buy a new bike as soon as they get the hang of a balance bike, they get really good with them and still love them.

    The only way I can see only getting a few weeks out of them is if you buy a really average one or buy it when your kid is too old.

  • Was exactly what I was looking for shame it’s gone :( could you suggest any other one from your experience?

  • Still in stock for other colours but $70 tho

  • Cheers. Grabbed two @ 49 last night.

  • My son used this for years. It's a really solid lightweight bike. Even though it wasn't in good condition we could sell it second hand.

  • Looks like it's sold out now - thanks for posting anyway.