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National Lipstick Day Deals: Free MAC Cosmetics Full-Size Lipstick with Any Purchase Instore and Online & More


I don't know who deemed today (29/7) National Lipstick Day but I won't complain about free and heavily discounted lip products! Credit to u/alltheanimalsplease on reddit for finding these deals. Here are the deals:

MAC Cosmetics: Receive a free full-size lipstick with any purchase. Enter code HUGME, MARRAKESH or BRAVE at checkout to redeem. Plus, get a second Lip Essential free when you purchase 2 or more products. Available in-store and online from July 29 to Aug 2, 2020 or while stocks last.

Bobbi Brown: Receive a free Lip and Eye Trio with any order over $80. Shades available include Freestyle, After Party & Hot Streak. Enter BARE, BOLD or BRIGHT at checkout to redeem. Free shipping available. Available from July 26 to Aug 2, 2020.

FENTY BEAUTY Buy 1 Mattemoiselle lipstick, get the 2nd one free. Available in all 24 shades. No code needed. Ends July 29, 2020.

The Body Shop: The first 1500 Love Your Body™ Club members will receive a free Colour Crush lipstick in shade Japanese Blossom with any online purchase. Free lipstick will be automatically added your basket at checkout. Use code FREESHIPVIC for free shipping. Available July 29 or while stocks last.

The first 5,000 Love Your Body™ Club Members will receive a free Colour Crush Lipstick (in shade Japanese Blossom, Mumbai Gladiolus or Mauritius Dahlia) in-store. No purchase necessary. Available July 29, 2020 or while stocks last.

Estee Lauder: Receive a free full-size Pure Color Envy Lipstick valued at $52 with any makeup purchase over $65. Enter code ROSE, SPEAKOUT or UNSHAKEABLE at checkout to redeem. Available from July 29 to Aug 2, 2020.

Clinique: Receive a Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer in Nude Pop with any online order over $49. Plus, on orders over $80 receive a FREE Moisture Surge Lip Hydrator. Enter code LSDAY at checkout to redeem. Available from July 29 to August 2, 2020.

Aveda: Receive a free Feed My Lips lipstick with any order over $65. Enter code PLUM, CANA, HONEY or PEAR at checkout to redeem. Free shipping available. Available in-store and online from July 29 to Aug 2, 2020.

Sephora: Up to 40% off selected lip items. Available online only from July 27 to Aug 31, 2020.

Big W: 50% off the original price of all lipsticks with code LIPSTICKDAY. Online only and excludes glosses and balms. Ends July 29, 2020.

Chemist Warehouse: Sale from July 24 to Aug 6, 2020.
* 50% off Maybelline lip range
* 40% off Rimmel lip range
* 40% off Revlon lip range
* 30% off Chapstick
* 30% off Blistex
* 30% off L’Oreal lip range

Australis Cosmetics: $2 Lips Sale on selected products.

Adore Beauty: 10% off selected lip products. Ends July 29, 2020. Plus, free lipstick with any MAC Cosmetics purchase + free lip conditioner with any 2 MAC Cosmetic products. Ends Aug 2, 2020.

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  • Okay so the cheapest deal I managed to get was little mac strobe (highlighter), free lipstick and sample with free delivery for $18. Alternatively if you want best value there seems to be a glitch on Myer that lets you add two free lipsticks. So you can chose 1 $30 lipstick plus 2 free to get 3 for the price of 1 which is pretty great, add in free click and collect and you also get Myer points as well. Delivery for Myer though isn't free like Mac though. Hope that helps someone!

    • Thanks! The Myer thing seems to be working for me too :)

    • how do i get 3 for 1?

      • I just added one $30 lipstick to cart and then went into the cart and I had the option to add 2 free instead of one.

    • do i need to go to myers.com.au and just buy a lipstick?

    • myer hack is not working

      • same, it will only show up as 1 free from the list of 3 :(

      • The hack worked for me buying two products (but not for one) - added two products to cart, got the option to select the first free gift (HugMe, Marrakesh or Brave), a second option to select the second free gift that comes with a second purchase (Brick-O-La or Dozen Carnations) and a third option where I could pick a third free gift from all five free gift options. So five lipsticks (somewhat excessive, I know…) for $60 delivered.

        • Lol I just made a second order and it worked the same as u did. I was just going to type my comment here and then read yours

    • I don’t understand how you got free delivery with only $18 spend?

      • Me neither I asked on reddit and someone told me Mac has free shipping. Doesn't seem right to me but the order was confirmed and everything.

    • so the three codes are three pre-pciked lipsticks ? its not like you can choose any lpstick on the site ?

      • Yeah the codes correspond to the lipsticks you get. There are only 3 available different lipsticks.

  • From the T&Cs:

    Choose a FREE FULL-SIZE LIPSTICK with any purchase at maccosmetics.com.au with offer codes provided (HUGME, MARRAKESH or BRAVE). Free full-size lipstick choice includes: Lustre Lipstick in Hug Me, Satin Lipstick in Brave and Matte Lipstick in Marrakesh.
    Offer qualifier excludes: Mini M·A·C, Viva Glam, gift card purchases, appointment bookings and selected accessories.
    Limit of one (1) complimentary Lipstick and one (1) corresponding Lip Pencil per qualifying transaction, per customer.

    Participating Retailers:
    • Maccosmetics.com.au
    • All M·A·C Freestanding store locations (excluding Airport locations within Australia)
    • All Myer store locations and myer.com.au
    • All David Jones stores locations and davidjones.com.au
    • Adorebeauty.com.au

  • thanks! I just bought a Mac Ruby Woo (had been interested in it for a while) and added Marrakesh with the free code, I chose fix+ for the free sample add on since I don't know what I'd do with the strobe cream, awesome post!

  • Myer must updated their checkout system. I can only select one free lipstick :(

    • It's just marketing. Same as it is for pretty much every modern holiday - an excuse to get people to buy stuff. If it means people get something they want/need and can save some pennies, then why not let them call it lipstick day?

      There's a Mac and Cheese day, a Beard day and a whole month dedicated to growing moustaches. You gonna complain that they're a backwards step for the lactose/gluten intolerant and the non-hirsute individuals?

      • Your comparisons are ridiculous as they have nothing to do with cultural issues that promote continuing inequality.

        If this was a day that promoted either
        (A) its OK for men to use make up
        (B) nobody use make up

        Then I would have no issue.

        It's you that has an underlying sexist issue if you can't understand this point.

        Also, shops can have sales without a "day" for it. Just saying.

        • its totally socially acceptable for men to use makeup. it just has to look natural.i use tinted cream and nobody says shit

        • Beards are associated with masculinity; the inability to grow a beard was traditionally associated with not being 'manly'. I think our society has evolved past neat dichotomies as man=must have beard, woman=must wear lipstick. Since Chemist Warehouse is including brands like Blistex and Chapstick, then this appears to fit your inclusivity criteria A) and B).

          Of all the cosmetic items to have a 'day', then lipstick is probably the most optional. Whereas things like foundation often cover up blemishes so someone can pretend they have 'perfect normal skin', lipstick is virtually only used to gloss, colour or have a 'made up' look. Can argue all day that this is part of the cultural problem, but I don't think lipstick is really where the fight's at.

          This is not more of a 'step backwards for equality' than the other 364 days of the year where unrealistic ideals of femininity/masculinity and beauty are promoted.

  • Thanks for the mega post :) All National Lipstick Day deals are now tagged.

  • David Jones has a range of lipstick offers as well, including one similar to MAC's deal - "Receive a bonus full-sized lipstick with any M·A·C purchase." except for the freebie they have two additional shades to choose from: Brick-o-la and Dozen Carnations.

    Ended up getting Russian Red and Brick-o-la for free.

  • Body Shop sold out.

  • Do you need any code for Myer? I just purchased 2 and didn’t see any bonus in my cart / any code to input?

    • you don't need a code but you have to select the freebie when you are viewing your cart/about to check out

  • These used to be so much better back in the day when you didn't have to actually buy anything :(

    I remember standing in line for the free lippy at MAC for an hour only to get the last of the only shade they had that suited me haha.

    I do wish they'd give a wider range of lipsticks that suit more skin tones too. Besides the red tones the lighter ones only work on lighter skin tones.

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