Garmin Fenix 6 Compass out 90° Anyone Else Have This Issue?

Hi All,
I purchased a Fenix 6 two weeks ago from Rebel sports.
Straight away I found the compass was out 90°(It shows west when I’m facing north).
I’ve tried calibrating and resetting but no luck so I contacted Garmin who got me to do the same but download the latest update via PC and load that way instead of Bluetooth through my phone.
This also didn’t work so Garmin said to take it back and swap it over which I’ve done.
Problem is the new one has the same issue.
I’ve tried calibrating it different locations around my local area. I’ve tried leaving it outside to get a decent GPS lock first. I’ve watched YouTube clips on how to calibrate.
I’ve also checked my north is correct via two mobiles and the sun itself.
I’m happy with the watch and don’t want to take it back again as I figured I’m doing something wrong to have the same issue twice but was hoping someone who has recently purchased a fenix 6 could please test their compass and let me know if it’s accurate? I’m wondering if it might be a software issue that just hasn’t been noticed yet?


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    Garmin Fenix 6 pro here in the latest software, no problems with the compass. I'd never used it previously so this post prompted me to test it. Works accurately

  • Hi Dan,

    Wondering if you managed to sort this out yet? I too bought a Fenix 6 two days ago from Rebel in Cairns, found the compass was out 90 degrees as well (west when facing north)! Done all the updates and calibrations but no change, returned and exchanged for another fenix 6 today that also has the same problem!

    Very frustrating!


    • Hi Simon,
      Sorry to say but that is a little relieving to hear as it means it’s most likely a software issue which should be an easy fix.
      I’ve logged it again with Garmin who have escalated to the Garmin software team to look at.
      The guy I spoke with thinks it’s to do with us being in the Southern Hemisphere.
      In both cases when I’ve spoken with Garmin they have been very good to deal with so I’m happy to wait for them to get it resolved.
      I’ll probably never use the compass but I’d like it to work correctly as the watch isn’t cheap.
      Worst case scenario if I do need it I know it’s 90° out.

  • Yeah same here, will probably never need the compass but as you say, it’s a $1000 dollar watch normally and you expect the compass to work properly :)

    Would be awesome if you could send me a private message (I would send you one but new to ozbargain and they block it for one day apparently) so I could drop you an email or something to find out if you make any progress, I might call Garmin too so that they are more aware of the issue, 4 watches all the same between us can’t be a coincidence!

    Thanks for the update Dan,


  • Any progress on this issue? I have just received a Garmin Fenix 6 (standard) through jbhifi in Sydney on backorder. Has the same issue. Trouble with compass not working is it seems to also affect trail map navigation (when you preload a route into the watch), which sucks for trail running. I haven't contacted Garmin yet but will do so shortly.


    • No luck still.
      I sent Garmin another email early last week and they didn't even reply.
      Very disappointed tbh as they aren't cheap watches.

      • Thanks for the reply Dan. I have just contacted Garmin. I will let you know if I hear back from them.

  • Got a fenix 6 on the weekend. Compass doesn't work for me either :(

    • Please log it with Garmin so they take it serious.
      My understanding is it's only an issue with the Fenix 6 (maybe 6S) in Australasia which is such a small market and likely why it's not been addressed in a software update yet.
      I seen to have received a GPS data update that has fixed the compass widget but as soon as I click on it for the full screen compass it's out the 90⁰ again.

      • Where did you lodge your complaint? Definitely will.

        • I contacted them on 1800235822

      • As you said, its a small market so need as many people lodging a complaint about it for them to bother fixing it.

  • Report on progress: I contacted Garmin about the Fenix 6. After reassuring them that I had gone through the compass calibration process and sending them some photos showing the problem, they agreed to replace the unit. I sent the unit in the post (if they don't give it to you, ask for their replied paid details) on Friday last week and the new Fenix 6 was delivered to me this afternoon. I thought that was very reasonable turn around time of 4 business days.

    However, the replacement unit has exactly the same problem.

    I have emailed them about the problem and will follow up with a call tomorrow morning.

    • I just spoke to Garmin support. They have noted the issue and it is on their list of software fixes they need to work on. I was told "we are working on it now" but there was no time frame given for a fix.

      My suggestion is that everyone who has this issue at least reports it to 1800 235 822 (Australian number of their support centre) so that the issue receives suitable priority.

  • I purchased a Fenix 6S last week in Wellington NZ, this far south the compass is out 180. Swapped for a new one today - same issue.

  • My new Fenix 6S too! :(

    The auto magnetic variation thinks we are in the northern hemisphere, god knows where. Had Adelaide as 101 deg West variation, when it should be 8 deg East, mere half a planet off.

    Auto variation SW fault for sure. Funny thing with me, the ABC widget preview was correct, but when you open it, it was wrong by ….109 deg.

    If you enter a custom north ref with a correct magnetic variation for your area it fixes it. Should sort you out until the SW fix happens.

    But auto is definitely faulty and worth ringing in the fault.

    • Thanks for that. I didn’t realise you could enter a variation to fix. What did you enter to correct it? I’m assuming it’s in compass/user.?

      • Google the magnetic variation for your town.

        Go to settings > Sensors & Accessories > compass > north ref > user

        Then enter your googled variation. Save and done. Should be good now.

        • Positive variation is East, negative variation is West.

  • Awesome thanks.
    So just to clarify.
    I'm in Canberra which shows as +12° 31'
    Declination is positive east.
    So my watch should say the below:
    Mag. Variation
    012° E

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