[PC] Starcraft 2 Campaign Collection - $22.95 (Was $59.95) / Starcraft Remastered - $10.95 (Was $21.95) @ Blizzard Store


Sale to celebrate the 10th anniversary of SC2 alongside a big update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTUBNoD1SDA

StarCraft® II: Campaign Collection includes all the campaigns from SC2 (Wings of Liberty - Terran [Is already free], Heart of the Swarm - Zerg, Legacy of the Void - Protoss, Nova Covert Ops - Terran) + 4 more commanders for the co-op mode. That's ~70 hours of what I think is the best RTS single player experience out there by far.

Deluxe edition are skins and cosmetics only for the multiplayer.

Starcraft Remastered - $10.95 (Was $21.95)

StarCraft® II: Campaign Collection Standard Edition - $22.95 (Was $59.95)

StarCraft® II: Campaign Collection Digital Deluxe Edition - $44.95 (Was $89.95)

Starcraft 2 Co-op Commander: Han and Horner $4.15 (Was $6.95)

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  • Can’t believe this came out 10 years ago… I still remember when it was announced and ordered the Collector’s Edition back then. Oh, how time flies.

    • That's so true. Good to see they're offering the original, too, although I can't say I'm overly excited about the Cartooned edition.

      • the remastered is just FHD vs VGA resolution,
        I still play starcraft a few times a year, the mechanics of the game never age,

      • Cartooned as in the remastered version? I really want to check that out. Sadly I just don't have time for games anymore.

        I had no idea it was nicked named the cartoons version lol.

        • There's an extra remastered version done by Carbot Animations called Cartooned which which is available as a pack with the regular remastered.

      • If you want to play the original with decent graphics, a team of modders have made the entire original Starcraft and Broodwar expansion as a free mod.
        All you need is Starcraft 2 (Wings of Liberty is now free to play) and you can play the mod.
        Its called Mass Recall, and is very true to the original.
        Essentially you can play all the original and expansions for free, but with SC2 level graphics and interface. Though its WAY harder than i remember :P

    • was gonna say this is an ancient game

      • Ancient but good. The last best RTS I played. Ten years has passed and so has gamers tastes. Everyone dun wanna think anymore

        • lots of new FPS come out but RTS is all about the mechanics and starcraft balanced the need for resource management vs attacking well.

          FPS ….most seem similar mechanics just the visuals change…..shoot as much as you can of the band guys.

    • My exact thoughts. Played this on my laptop in my bedroom that could barely run it, can't believe how time flies.

  • Anyone remember the Aus-1 days? Good times…

  • My life for Aiur!

    This is one of those games that many will remember fondly! I loved exploring the SC world when it came out (played AOE I&II, TA but never SC1), loved watching the pro scene grow, went bananas when Squirtle pulled that archon toilet on MVP. Still a force on the E-sports scene though it never reached the heights of SC1.

  • I have previously bought wings of liberty and heart of the swarm, but there doesn't seem to be any way to buy legacy of the void standalone?

    • I have the same issue. I just bought the StarCraft® II: Campaign Collection Standard Edition. Ended up only paying $17.65 ($5.30 off) because I already had Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm pack in my account. battle.net automatically applied the discount when you login into your account.

      I never get around to buy LOTV after all these years as standalone, so I am looking forward to playing it.

  • Wouldn't mind cartooned as well, but for double the price? nah

  • I guess that this is a sign for me to finish the campaign lol.

    • Just watch someone's lets play or full game session from start to end nonstop recording of themselves playing with the repetitive gameplay chopped off so you can skip ahead with the story plot.

  • Those many times that I had to reload the mission just because my OCD mentality could not deal with losing a single SCV unit. Ah, the memories!

  • My favourite PC game!

  • If you play CoOp Han and Horner is also on sale AUD 4.15

    • You put an extra "commander" at the end of your link.

    • I only plan to play campaigns only. Do I actually need this at all?

      • No this is only for if you want to play the coop mode. However I do recommend giving coop a shot after finishing campaign as the missions (15 of them) are just pretty much on par with the single player campaign missions.

  • Remember the hype for this game on digg purely as Idra was the "worlds best player" and he was going to dominate and be no.1, he ended up being a toxic rage quiter noone liked.

  • SCII Campaign edition also includes the Nova Covert Ops mission pack as well.

  • Comes with all DLCs and campaigns including the ghost one?

  • As "[PC]" may be confusing - sometimes it's applied to non-Mac games, sometimes it's applied to non-console games, it's nice to see that these prices are

    for Macs too!

  • Don't bother if you own an ultrawide monitor or bigger. For some stupid reason they have never added support for it. Even with their flashy new update trailer…

    • +1 vote

      some stupid reason

      unfair advantage to those without such screens?

      • How is that any different for people with high FOV's in Multiplayer shooters?

        • Exactly.

        • -1 vote

          They have different developer teams that made different choices?

          • @abb: Which is why I am choosing not to buy a game that doesn't support my hardware?
            So I am warning anyone else with the same hardware not to buy the game because of its stupid limitations?

        • Not trying to start an argument, but wanted to answer the question "How is that any different for people with high FOV's in Multiplayer shooters?"
          The shortened version is that: While in Shooters (see: DOOM, Overwatch, CS, etc.) increased FOV's DO provide more information to the player (ie, they can see more, and therefore gain an information advantage), it does NOT provide an increase to the playable area (ie, they can still only shoot stuff under the crosshair).
          A larger FOV in a typical shooter still requires the player to turn/move their view in order to interact with a target/object/enemy.

          In a typical RTS (ie, SC2, C&C, etc) an increased FOV actually increases both the available information AND the playable area.
          The reason for this is that the player can move the mouse within the FOV. This is likely why you don't see pro's playing RTS's while zoomed in. The bigger the screen the more units you can control without having to reorient your view (This is one of the most time-consuming actions in RTS's).

          For example, in a shooter, generally, you cannot change targets without changing your FOV, while in RTS's you can maintain your FOV & change targets.

          Hope that makes some sense, there's heaps of cool research about it at Uppsala University Sweden if you feel like a quick Google.

  • Too many people using map hacks. Despite new patches, map hacks seem to cone out a few days later.

  • Got StarCraft Remastered when it was initially released, best RTS game ever made.

  • Digital Deluxe edition was $18.95 (83% off for me) when I logged into my Battle.net account.

    • The price is adjusted according to how much content you already own.

      • I thought that might be the case too. I have legacy of the void. Standard edition was still $22.95 though. I was working out the diff between the two and it looks like just more custom skins etc. Hmm…

        • Definitely strange since the above comment got a discount for owning heart of the swarm.

          I already own hots and lotv but not the Nova missions and one of the co-op commanders so it's $5.29 for the standard and $22.24 for the deluxe

  • I have waited 10 years for the price to come down. I better buy it this time round :).

  • Not sure i can forgive Blizzard for banning people and robbing them of their earnings for supporting Hong Kong Democracy

  • So I owned SC2 already with retail boxes… All three sets. I have no idea if I should buy this for the campaigns and missions or DLC. Maybe I should create another battle.net account? Dunno

    As for SC1 I think its worth it

  • You are Purchasing StarCraft® II: Campaign Collection
    Subtotal AUD17.65

    A reduced price applies because you own 1 or more items in this bundle:
    StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm


    • A reduced price applies because you own 1 or more items in this bundle:

      Commander Karax
      Legacy of the Void Campaign
      StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
      Commander Vorazun
      Commander Zagara
      Commander Swann

      $5.29 for Nova Covert Ops - Terran not bad i suppose?

  • Are there any current games similar to SC with a decent online community to play against?

    I'm thinking about getting into something new during these covid times

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