Experiences with Creatista Uno

Considering purchasing a Creatista Uno as looking for middle ground between Nespresso "standard" machines and full blown "manual" machines which require beans, grinding, tamping etc. Grateful for any views on those that have purchased and used, as I have been mixed views, particularly on reliability and longevity.

Thanks in advance.


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    I've a Creatista at work which I enjoyed and it prompted me to get an Uno for home. Personally, it's as pleasant as a Nespresso experience I'm going to get for a milky coffee drinker. My wife use to often get takeaway coffees (still does from time to time) but this has helped satisfy her for the most part.

    • If you don’t mind revealing - how long have you had it for as I’ve read some going on the blink multiple times within a few months. Thanks.

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        I bought mine 2nd hand but have had it for 6+ months now. I know the descaling process can be confusing and ppl may get stuck in that mode?

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    I recommend just getting a manual, it doesn't take long. If you get one with a panarello wand, making milk is really easy and you end up with a coffee at least 90% as good as one from a café. I have a delonghi dedica and love it. The machine and grinder take up less space on the bench than an automatic. I used to use a nespresso machine and separate milk frother too.

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    I purchased a Creatista Uno back in January and so far have had no issues, I did a bit of homework prior to purchase and it appeared most complaints were targeted towards the Plus model with the electronic screen.
    It does seem to prompt for descaling more often than my Nespresso Pixie and the process is a little more complicated but there is good YouTube clip that walks you through the process. For a pod machine it makes a nice coffee - the steam wand is the best and have found it works great even with plant-based milks.

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