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Synthwave Music Bundle 18 - US$2 (~A$2.80) Minimum @ Groupees


A new synthwave music bundle has started on Groupees Synthwave Bundle 18. The bundle features artists such as Cat Temper, Vampire Step-Dad, Runaway Droid and Jupiter-8 with 20% of your payment being donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

Elektronika-60 - The Outbreak (album)
French Geometry - French Geometry (EP)
Cat Temper - Feralyzed (album)
Mirrorvoid - In Time To Go Back (album)
Elektronika-60 - Temper Tantrum (single)

For $4 minimum you also get:

Vampire Step-Dad - The Sun Also Sets (album)
Jupiter-8 - Outbreak (OST) (album)
Shredder 1984 - Prophet of Doom (EP)
French Geometry - Philip, What's The Password? (EP)
Runaway Droid - Lightyears (album)

The first bonus has been unlocked once sales pass $2,000 you will also get:

Runaway Droid - Fragments (album)

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