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1/2 Price: Berocca Energy Vitamin Tablets 45pk $11.40 ($0.25/Tab) @ Woolworths / Berry 75pk $17.10 Sub&Save @ Amazon (Sold Out)


Just got the Camels alert for Berocca 75pk from Amazon, $0.80 cheaper than the previous deal, then found they are matching the Woolworths 1/2 price sale.

Woolworths have all 3 varieties available (Orange, Berry or Orange & Mango), Amazon only have the berry flavour available, however you get a further 10% off with sub & save making it a couple dollars cheaper than Woolworths per tablet.

Amazon Link - $19 / $17.10 Delivered (Sub & Save) Sold Out

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Click on "First Delivery on 'Day Month'" and ensure "Get it with your next Subscribe & Save delivery, with 10% savings and free shipping." is clicked when selecting subscribe & save; if you don't have prime. You can also select your subscribe & save date here. Once your item has shipped, it's safe to cancel your subscription here.

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  • How does this compare to science in sport? is this an electrolyte base drink or something different?

  • Strangly, the Mango & Orange flavour tastes like pineapple. :)

  • I've been taking Voost lately instead of Berocca.

    Here is a link to the comparison of the 'performance' brands - https://cosups.com/berocca-vs-voost/#:~:text=What%20vitamins....

    Seems Voost has more B vitimins and Magniusium (which Berocca doesn't have). Berocca also has twice as much sodium.

    If you buy a 60 pack from Chemist Warehouse works out to 21.6 Cents per tab and cheaper than Berocca - https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/86059/voost-multivit...

    My pro tip is to break the tablet in half and drink one in the morning and then one in the afternoon, that way you retain more of the vitamins and not just paying for expensive coloured pee.

    • Great info - thx

    • Great tips, especially the half morning, half night time. That's what I've been doing for years with my vitamins I take.

    • Works fine with the assumption that the ingredients are equally distributed throughout the tablet. This isn't always the case so shouldn’t be done with important stuff like medicine as one half could contain more or even all the essential stuff. Not a drama with berroca as non essential.
      Safer option with a tablet would be to crush and mix the single tablet. That way you know its mixed equally, then weigh and use half.

    • @Oneguyinmelb: Voost are also 50% off at Woolies. They have the both the Standard and also the Performance types. $6.50 for 40 tablets so cheaper than Chemist warehouse for now. The comparison link you included I believe compares the "Performance" to Beroccas as I noticed it stated: 105mg of Magnesium and Berocca has none. The standard Voost only has 58mg. The link you gave to Chemist warehouse was for standard type (white box).

      Also. Berocca Performance does have 100 magnesium hence important to know which ones they are comparing as the stats were a tad out.

      Anyhow, bought a box of each Voost to see how they taste. Tks for pointing them out.

  • very sketchy product. ingredients arent listed clearly. fluorescent industrial ink dye tinting water additive. from the makers of round up. and zyklon B? …………………..