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15% off Naturehike Upgraded Cloud up 2 Person Backpacking Tent $119-$177.65 Delivered + More @ Naturehike Official Amazon AU


Cloud Up 2 Person Tent :Activity time: 2020-7-30 6:20 am to 2020-7-30 2:20 pm
You will have 8 choices to choose your favorite style:
Green & Orange :Inner Tent and tent fly are made of 210T Polyester;
Gray & Mustard Green : Inner Tent and tent fly are made of 20D Silicone Coating Nylon;
Green & Orange :About 2100 g
Gray & Mustard Green:About 1830g
Gray with snow skirt: About 1900g
Note: The gray color still has 2 style : old version and upgraded version
Price of the Old version:$143.2(was $179)
Upgraded Gray: $160.65(was $189)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Can you discount the 3 person tent?

    • I'm interested in the 3 person version as well. Look like I did miss the discount on that one in June.

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    Lots of reviews for thee tents online. Well regarded homages of other tents costing several times over.

    I have cloud up 2 IIRC. snuck in a 6 foot track hike/camp before Syd lockdown. light, compacts fairly well, setup is easy, hardware is good quality, a bit of moisture accumulation and i wouldn't call it a warm tent as it breathes well. not for snow camping say.

    • I've not had moisture issues at all. Got a couple of these and used them many times. I have a targa or whatever the model is called also by NatureHike. It's even lighter but it hardly breathes so it gets a lot of condensation. I think the cloudup is a pretty well balanced tent, especially for the price. It's my go-to tent for backpacking now.

      • Ah sorry, I meant moisture retention on the outer. It is expected for this lightweight material however. (my first lightweight tent). I have the Poly not the nylon.

        Also, it is a cosy sleep for 2 people. if you're larger (in any direction) you'd need to consider your counterpart. And in a pair, your gear would have to be outside (expected).

        • This will happen on any tent. It's why there is a fly and a gap between the inner. Means it did the job well.

      • On my latest hike I ended up with a lot of ice on the inside of the vestibule from my breath overnight.Packing up the next day it was fairly wet but never any water condensating in the inside of the tent and dripping on me.

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          I tossed up between these tents and the 3UL Lanshan-2 (for hiking Tassie mainly), upgrading from a 2,7kg Companion Pro Hiker 2 I've been using for the last decade camping off a dirtbike around the country…

          I settled on a 4-season Lanshan-2 for $240aud, I've only done a test setup so far but I'm fairly impressed.. 1150g for the tent, 120g for the pegs, PLUS you need hiking poles!….


          I went for the 4-season because more often than not I'm using my tent in windy Tassie in the shoulder season, or the central Aus deserts, and I'm sick to death of waking up in the morning with my sleeping bag looking like a sand dune with all the sand that's blown through the mesh inner tent over night… (the 3 season is about $170aud I believe)

  • Question for those that use Amazon Lightning Deals; is the stated activity time aligned to the specific time zone of the Amazon shopper location, or just to a specific (unstated) time zone?

    • Don't know but always tells you what % are gone and how time left. As I type it says "20% Claimed Ends in 01h 35m 57s" So time zone is irrelevant.

  • Would it be ok for bike packing? Too big?

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      Its light, small and great quality. If us light weight hikers love it, a bike tenter should too.I have a couple of the Upgraded-Gray (20D Nylon) for hiking. The material is thin but has not let me down yet. The nylon ones are heavier, but thicker in the fabric and cheaper price. Only get these upgraded ones, the first version only had a Y shape at one end and they bopped around more in wind.

      • Thanks mate!
        So you reckon it's good quality? I might just buy it for hiking and see if it works for biking too

        • When bike camping do you have a backpack or a trailer? Or just panniers?

          (Never done it before, am thinking of doing some Vic rail trails when the current situation passes.)

          • @afoveht: Nothing at all. I literally started looking into backpacking not even two weeks ago :)

          • @afoveht: I will just have bag with no racks.

    • You could fit the tent, an ultralight bed roll and maybe some small cook gear in a 30L pack.. bit of food and maybe fill the gaps with a change of clothes? For much more than that i'd go a 40L bag.

    • I've been using the 1 person in a small framebag on a few trips over the years now. Terrific tent, but a bit slower to pack up in the morning than some of my counterparts with faster/less comfortable setups.

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    Any bargains on the 3 person tents OP?

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    Great tent for the price/weight, as has been mentioned on previous deals. If you carry a trekking pole and want something ultralight, go the Lanshan 1/2 by 3F instead, it's easily available on Aliexpress and lots of other places, is lighter and just as good quality as the Cloud 2.

    Not mocking the Cloud 2 though - it's exceptional value.

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    Any chance having discount with the Opalus 3? Thanks