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[eBook] First Law Trilogy $4.99 (Normally $40) @ Amazon Australia/Kindle


An excellent grimdark trilogy well worth checking out for this price.

Please note: this book is dark, its very nihilist

I gave this series a 5/5 which I consider a must read. Amazing grimdark fantasy trilogy.

I bought it again, I have the paper backs.

It's the Kindle Daily Deal so should expire soon, sorry guys a bit delayed on this one.

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    Such a good series - probably one of my favorites - and it's complete! (although make sure you get the other books that follow this trilogy in the same world).

    I wonder if this qualifies you for whispersync pricing on the individual audiobooks. Steven Pacey is an amazing narrator and really brings it to life.

    • I love all the first law books but the start of the most recent trilogy - A Little Hatred - is phenomenal, I've been counting down to the Sept release of the 2nd book

    • Doesnt look like it :(

  • Thank you. I just ordered a Kindle Paperwhite and I’ve been looking for some good books for it.

  • Awesome series. Highly recommend reading it. Never seen incompetence portrayed so well

  • By the dead!

  • One of my favourite authors. This and the Witcher series. Recommended.

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