35% off Coffee Capsules $29.87 for 50 Or $54.12 for 100 Free Shipping @ Airjo Coffee Roaster


While stocks last - Limited Stock - Code will stop working when stock runs out - then expired.
Use code "CAP35" at checkout.
Code posted exclusively to OzBargain

After discount, 1 box of 50 capsules is $29.87 including shipping.
After discount, 1 box of 100 capsules is $54.12 including shipping.

100% Organic Coffee
Fresh Roasted this week.
100% Biodegradable Capsules (including lid).

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Airjo Coffee Roaster
Airjo Coffee Roaster


  • Don't want to be a downer, but Urban Brew's everyday price is cheaper and also biodegradable.

    50 pods @ 55c per pod
    100 pods @ 50c per pod.

    • Thank LJ - not a downer at all. Appreciate the post.

      Ours are also 100% compostable and the coffee is freshly roasted this week.

      Without the rest, we can't be the best :)


  • Do these work in the Aldi Expressi machines ?

  • I'd normally jump on coffee pods deal. But haven't had good experience with those compostable pods.. Good luck OP

    • Hey there Ceri.

      Has your experience been bad with the actual pods or the quality of the coffee?

      Keen to help if I can.

      • Both. The pods dont puncture correctly and the flow is too fast. It made the used pods container all watery too.

        The coffee is generally very weak too. Even using 2 pods for double ristretto is stll weak.

        I tried few different brands and they are all like this. Very unfortunate as I do prefer to waste less

        • Thanks for the info Ceri.

          If it helps, we have tested ours in a number of machines and are very happy with all aspects of the shots.
          Definitely happy with the quality of the coffee and the pods appear to work well.

          If you are keen to give us a shot, I would gladly refund in full if you were anything but fully satisfied.

          Regardless, thanks again for the info.


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