[Switch] Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen $19.97 (50% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen is half-price on eshop currently for the next two weeks. All time cheapest digital version. Never played it but have heard good things and with at least 40 hours play time, I think it might be worth it for $20.

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  • They're masterworks all… You can't go wrong.

    • This game rules by the way. Was a LOT longer back on PS3 because fast-travel was expensive, but you still get a long of game here for $20.

  • Very Fun Game… played it both on PS3 & PS4. Sort of wonder if i should play it on PC hmmm…

  • is the performance okay on the switch? Dragons dogma handheld sounds fun actually.

    • Performance seems decent. Runs a bit worse in handheld mode. Obviously a step down from the PS4 version, but much better than the original PS3 verison in performance, and graphics.

  • Easily one of my favourite games of all time.

    Hyped for the anime coming out in a couple of months!