Best Place to Get Nikon DSLR Camera Lenses?

Happy Friday y'all,

I've recently picked up a Nikon D3500, I am really enjoying using it and would like to expand my lens library a bit (thanks tax return). My jungle guide for the best lenses to look for has been this guide from Wirecutter, but despite my best efforts I can't find any online sellers that deviate from than a few dollars from the prices I find on big sellers like JB, Amazon AU and even eBay.

Is this a case of it just being the wrong time to buy, or are there some online camera stores that are both affordable and trustworthy?

Cheers for any ideas and advice!



    I’ve always found Digidirect slightly cheaper than others.


    Got mine from tobydeals…..
    Cheaper and shipping was fast on that occasion.

    Just looking now, they have no Nikon lenses….. maybe mine was a sell off special?


    i found digidirect to be quite good on pricing, but i would get it in store. Their online sales can be a bit "iffy"
    Otherwise i suggest you keep an eye out on the used market, as there are many people getting rid of dslr gear as they are switching to mirrorless.


      I've seen a few secondhand lenses that look interesting, but I have no idea how to grade them for quality. Anything to keep an eye out for?

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        Hrmm yeah it can be a bit hard especially if you paying a lot of $$ and your not confident with lenses yet, the standard things to look for

        1. Bring your camera, and see if it works by doing a quick auto focus test. Point at something close then far. Does it make rattling noises or anything like that?
        2. Clarity/Condition of the lens front and back: Does it have any scratches, fungus, and dust are the main thing. Have a look at the lens mount (bottom) see if its all scratched up it's not an issue just gives you an indication of how much use it has seen
        3. Manually test every ring and switch: Does it feel clicks? Do the ring move smooth?

    for that camera i would consider 3rd party lenses especially the sigma art series.. better value and better bang for your buck. Nikon glass isn't what it use to be unless you went high end.


      I've seen the Sigma 18–35mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art suggested as both an upgrade to the kit lens and potential replacement for 18mm/24mm/35mm primes. But hoooooo boy that price point.

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        yeah and for that camera will be too heavy.

        i would stick to primes. like the sigma 35mm f1.4 and the tokina 11-16mm f2.8 is a gorgeous lens


          Got one, it is the best and cheapest wide lens for Nikon DX.


        That's not bad considering a 17-55mm f2.8 retails here for close $1400

        Having said that though. I've never used that sigma lenses before I have owned and used the nikon for many years. Can't fault that lens.


    My old go to used to be when ebay did 15-20% off


    As pointed out by others, Digidirect is good. They have an ebay store which accepts coupons.
    I have also bought stuff directly off Digidirect website when they have some sales/ coupons going on. So keep an eye on that too.
    Also try BHPhotovideo (or Adorama) from the US, they used to offer free shipping at least once every year.
    But even with shipping charges included, they may end up being cheaper than other local options.

    If interested in Sigma lenses for your Nikon, check out DCXPERT store on Ebay.
    Generally, for grey imports, I have had good experience with T-Dimension on Ebay as well.


    What are the lenses you already have ? If you don't have a Nikon 35mm f1.8, it is a must and it was my go to lens with D5200 :D

    Always buy used and save money, because lenses usually last longer than camera bodies. I had a Nikon 50mm f1.4 AI-S lens from 1980s which worked perfectly with D5200 (of course with manual focus/exposure only).

    Once I got a "Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM" lens from Ebay which was listed as "for parts only/not working" for around $200 bucks and it was the best deal/gamble I ever had. Seller mentioned it had focusing issues but I never had any issues with it still to this day.


    Camera Pro in Brisbane is good, and often has great bonus offers/sales from the local official importers!. No grey import!. I am a retired pro shooter, and have purchased a number of cameras from them - good honest fast service.