[PC, Steam] Destroy All Humans! (2020 Remake) $34.37 at Eneba ($47.95 on Steam)


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  • Normal price on steam is $47.95 btw

  • Saw some gameplay from Youtube yesterday (what timing) and it looked really funny (in a good way) and it also looks that it might be really enjoyable to play to boot. Mmm, tempting.

    • Started playing the OG one (which is currently free on Xbox Game Pass)
      Pretty fun game! Funny dialogue too. Remaster looks quite nice but I might stick with the original considering its included with Game Pass.

  • Played it at PAX Melbourne last year, was quite fun

  • Ok
    So now where is my stubbs remake!

    • Brains brains brains…
      Surprised to seen another Stubbs fan, I don't think many people remember it.

  • I just finished this game, took around 8 hours to do the story. There's definitely added content if you explore the areas more thoroughly in between missions or post game.

    As someone that played some of the original on the Xbox it is a really faithful remake with a few quality of life improvements (skill tree, movement abilities) and great graphics.

    Anyone who was a fan of the original definitely give it a go. Mission variety is almost non existent (as was with the original), but it was definitely a good time overall. I think I paid around $38 through Humble and don't regret it at all. :)

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