Logitech Replacing Original G903 with G903 HERO

A few weeks ago, I made a warranty claim on my Logitech G903 when it (inevitably) developed a double-clicking problem.
At the time, the support representative told me that they had no replacement stock, and that it would be a couple of weeks before a replacement could be sent out to me.

When the replacement arrived yesterday morning, to my surprise, it was the new G903 with HERO sensor, as opposed to the original G903. Perhaps the original G903 is no longer in production and Logitech is sending out the new model instead?

Assuming this isn't just a once-off mistake or a temporary lack of stock for the non-HERO model, it's pretty interesting, because you can now pick up an original G903 for <$150, and when (yes, when, not if) it develops the infamous double clicking issue after 12-24 months of usage, you can get it replaced for a free upgrade to the HERO model.

What do you all think about this?


  • Where can i pick up the non hero g903 for <$100 please? You weren't referring to the Kogan scam deal right?

    • Sorry, didn't realise that wasn't legit. There have still been a bunch of deals for <$150 recently, which is better than any prices for the HERO model. Updated OP.

  • exact same thing happened to me when i submitted my warranty claim near the start of the year.

    Hopefully you have better luck than I do. Because I'm getting the double-click issue on the replacement G903 Hero =/

    Another warranty claim is in progress.

    There were talks on Reddit about how the newer ones have upgraded switches and the double-clicking issue is now gone. Sadly this has not been the case for me. Thought clicking on both the G903 & G903 hero, the switches 'feel' different. Have never bothered to open it up to check.

    Apart from replacing them through warranty, it seems the default way most people overcome this is by buying replacement switches on AliExpress and soldering them on yourself. Plenty of tutorials online for that, thought I really don't think I should have to do this for a 'flagship' product that doesn't seems to last more than a few months :-( At least Logitech honor warranty.

    • Nice, good to hear it's for everyone and not just a mistake or once-off.

      The switches definitely feel different to me as well, they're definitely more clicky. The scroll wheel lock/unlock button also feels very different to me, but maybe it's just that the old one is a bit worn out. I also feel like the tracking is noticeably different, with seemingly less latency. Maybe it's just placebo - do you feel this as well?

      Unfortunate to hear you've still got problems with the replacement model though - looks like I might be collecting a few more mice yet, LOL. This is now my third mouse from the original purchase. Assuming that the problem is caused by low quality switches, I wonder why Logitech hasn't just put in better switches by now. It's a "$250" top of the line mouse - surely spending $5 extra to equip it with better switches would be worth not sending everyone 3 mice for the price of 1. Maybe relatively few people notice the problem or can be bothered contacting support?

      • oh definitely agree with your observations. The hero sensor has higher tracking capabilities. It's also supposed to be more power efficient, so you should see an improvement in battery life too.

        I have no idea why they continue to put these cheap generic switches in. As you noticed, its a fairly inexpensive part.

  • Man same issue but I went back to JB and replace with the same mouse few weeks ago. Maybe I should have tried Logitech support first :) mine get at $70 though.

  • Mine lasted only 1 month. My issue is if I click and drag it will release halfway through the drag. Was driving me nuts.

    My status is: "We are reviewing the replacement process internally and once shipped, I will assist you with the next course of action." I guess that means they are sending me another one…

    Fingers crossed!

  • I had my G903 replaced under warranty, sold the new one still boxed and purchased the G Pro Wireless instead. I've had this about 6 months now and still going strong but who knows if it picks up the same issues later down the track.

    Did miss the ability to switch DPI easier as you can only do that on the bottom of the G Pro Wireless which is a bit silly but thats the only thing I miss. The G Pro Wireless really is a great mouse even though it looks so basic.

    • The G Pro Wireless looks nice. How do you find the transition from the G903 to it? Particularly the scroll wheel. I use the infinity scroll feature of the G903 a lot for general browsing, reading long docs. But it does wobble when you move the mouse with enough force, the build quality of the G903 scroll wheel doesn't exactly feel like a premium mouse should (same for my G903 and G903 Hero). Is the G Pro Wireless any better in this aspect?

      • No ability to get the free scrolling wheel on the g pro wireless, just have to click and get the scroll bar on the page and move mouse to vary speed. It took about a week of gaming, but I wouldnt go back now.

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