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SPIGEN Turbulence S40-2 Car Mount Holder Dashboard for iPhone/Galaxy $12.50 - $15 Delivered @ Pro Gadgets


also at:


seems ok for the price, $12.5 silver, $15 Blue/Red delivered

The Kuel Turbulence™ is a sleek and convenient solution for hands-free driving. Its simple car-inspired design is strong and easy to mount, with two available viewing angles. A reusable gel pad attaches the base firmly to the dashboard for a secure attachment. Stylish yet practical, the Kuel Turbulence™ has everything wanted in a car mount.


Compatible with ALL smartphones; including iPhone X / 8 / 8 plus / 7 / 7 Plus / Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus / Note 8 / S8 / S8 Plus / S7 Edge (fits all Spigen cases).

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  • Showing $29.99 no matter what color I select….!

  • Showing up as 29 something

    • add to cart price will update as comment above, only colours discounted 12.5 silver, $15 Blue/Red

  • Thanks op

  • Will this fit the Samsung Note 9 with a UAG case?

  • Thanks. Good one

  • Have one! Use a galaxy s9 plus with defender case on it. No problems. Sleek design. Great product.

    • Did you use the gel or double sided tape to affix it to your dash?

    • Does it leave a mark on your dashboard?

      • I used the adhesive that was already on their. Doesn't leave a mark per se, but you can see where the rest of your dash has aged around it. I'm using the older version, I cut a groove out of my dash mat for it. Has worked great for years, doesn't come off even though I've left my car parked outside during Australian summers

  • With the 1k fine coming WA's way, I'm too scared to even touch the phone to adjust map etc.. Mounting on dashboard definitely makes it easy for the cop to spot form behind and front.

    • I've been using the Google assistant and setting my phone to autounlock (smart lock) when connected to my car's Bluetooth. That way I can just wake it up with voice commands, tell it to read my messages and respond to my messages, give it navigation instructions, etc . Google assistant has improved a fair bit since its launch.

    • Whilst it is in a mounted phone holder you can make a phone call or follow GPS instructions.


      Unless the rules are changing with the increased fines.

  • Can use for galaxy S10 5G?

  • Says
    Compatible with ALL smartphones; including “what’s already been mentioned.”

  • Thanks OP!

  • Can this be removed without damaging the car or leaving residue? I’m always reluctant to use adhesive products in my car (or anywhere I care about the surface I’m sticking things to).

    • Looks like it has one of those gel pad thingies, if thats the case then it won't leave any residue.

  • +1 vote

    Silver ($12.50) is sold out @ Amazon. Bought a blue, have some matte black paint at home, will spray the top and save $15 ;)

  • thanks OP. Spigen products are really good, and pro.gadget very reliable seller. I have bought heaps of stuff from them for many years. Bought one from Amazon (different price coming of progadget's website)

  • According to how praised Spigen is from the experts at Ozbargains, May I ask which iPhone 11 case is the best from your experience?

  • It's showing 39.99 for the grey and 29.99 for the black in my cart and I'm on the billing step of the checkout. Maybe deal expired?

    • Deal was for the silver @$12.50 and the blue or red for $15. However all have sold out now.

  • magnets better

  • Back in stock at catch for $15

  • They all seem to be for $30

  • Question. Do you have this side mounted on your A pillar?
    The pics make it look like landscape is your only option if you mount it on the dash (above stereo/clock etc)? I can't imagine navigating (maps/gps) in landscape 19.8:9 ratio screen, let alone most other apps/controls being crap in landscape.

  • Damn. Order cancelled:

    Dear customer

    Thank you for your order.

    We’re very sorry to advise that the item you ordered is not in stock due to an inventory discrepancy. Also, the item has been discontinued and we unfortunately won’t be getting any more in.

    We’ll cancel your order and issue a refund within 24 hours. Please allow 1 to 3 business days for the refund to be processed, depending on your financial institution.

    As our way of saying sorry, we’ve uploaded a credit of $5 AUD to your account. The credit can be applied towards any item on our website. The credit amount will appear in the next 24 hours.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

    Once again, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards

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