Purchased Bose NCH-700 for $400 at Harvey Norman Fyshwick ACT

Hi OzBargain community,

I thought I'd share a positive experience I had with Harvey Norman Fyshwick (ACT) this week.
Generally I'm not a huge fan of the store, but I decided to call them and ask for their best price on the the Bose 700 headphones.

An assistant (not sure if I should be sharing who in case they weren't supposed to sell it at this price) told me over the phone they could do it for $400, even though their website lists $495.
Interestingly enough, I also tried the online chat and they said the price on their site was their best price.
I obviously drove straight to the store and picked them up (they set them aside with the invoice prepared).

Proof of purchase: https://imgur.com/a/zbUk2EA

This is cheaper than what has been shown on Amazon:

Hope this helps others if they live within driving distance of the store, or anyone who can talk a store down on price.

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  • Not worth $400 from my experience with a pair i had for 6 months, sold them.

    • I've been impressed with them so far.
      What didn't you like about them and what did you replace them with?

      • I had the QC3511 before the 700 as well, sound and comfort wise they are good, didn't like the connect between my 2 macs/ipad/iphone. You can have 2 at once which is good but when you want to use the other 2 you have to use the app to unpair one, and the app is terrible. Got a new pair of Beats Studio 3 for $240, the NC probably not as good but i only use at home, so much better swapping between deices with the W1 chip.

        • That's fair enough. I did notice the unpairing function on the app but I'm not too bothered by the 2 device limit.
          Glad you were able to find something that met your needs.

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