28 Degrees Mastercard shoppers protection phone claim?

Has anyone had experience with claiming a broken phone from shoppers protection insurance with 28 degrees card? I’m wondering how broken it needs to be to be accepted and did you need to send it to them or anything?

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  • Read the PDS you signed up to. Self-explanatory.

    • The pds doesn’t actually give the answer to either of OP’s questions.
      It doesn’t say ‘how broken’ it needs to be or if the item needs to be sent to them to get the claim paid.
      You don’t seem to have read the OP’s questions or the pds.
      Not everything is explained in a pds and that’s why he’s asking if anyone had any experience in getting a claim processed.

      • It clearly says for items over $10 and less than 12 months since purchase, they'll pay the cost of repair OR the original purchase price if the item is damaged beyond repair and then lists what damage isn't covered by this. It also tells you what you'll need when making a claim (i.e. repair quote).

        OP clearly hasn't read their own PDS because it's 'Merchandise Protection' they're after, not 'Shoppers Protection' which is something else entirely.

        Always read the PDS.

        • Merch prot. is part of Shopper's umbrella.

        • @Hybroid
          It actually does not say 'how broken' it needs to be i.e will they repair a scratch or a chipped screen even though it tells you what damage is not covered and that items broken beyond repair are covered.
          It also does not say if the item needs to be sent back. It only says they 'may' ask for a repair quote.
          I think he was expecting an answer based on other people's actual experience when going through a claim (such as the comments below) and not a 'read the PDS'.
          Yes, a smartass will say 'read the pds' is also good advice…the OP was probably after a bit more than that.

  • I broke my 2 month old S9 screen a few years back, from memory, they didn't ask for proof, I just got the repair done (paid on 28 degrees card) , and submitted the receipt as part of my claim. Maybe they wanted a quote, which isn't hard to get. Give them a call, they are surprisingly not shit.

    Side note, I claimed a broken suitcase and had to do a stat dec that I couldn't repair it, they accepted and refunded full cost of case.

  • different, but related… I lost my phone (left in a cab) a few years back. They asked me to go to the police station and file a report, but then they quickly refunded the entire purchase price of the phone onto the card (this was within 6 months as that was the time limit at the time).

    I've filed heaps of price protection claims with them over the years - always went smoothly.

  • Either a quote or a receipt, but I guess the item needs to be substantial enough to find someone to quote. A broken $50 toy for example might be a write off in that sense.