Can a Friend That's a Mechanic Come to My House to Fix My Car (Oil Leak) during Stage 4 Restrictions? VIC

Hey guys,

Stage 4 restrictions just hit today.
I know this might be a stupid question, but I want to be certain before obligating my mate to come.
He lives a 30 min drive away, (not within 5kms)
Is this an essential service that's allowed within stage 4 restrictions in metro Melb?


  • Dont think so.

  • If he is a mechanic, he can do it as his job.

    If it is his job, he can travel anywhere.

    No reason why the mechanic can't be your friend.

    Jim is my friend. Mows my lawn.

    So is Gerry Harvey. Delivers my TV.

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      Not sure if this is the right place to confess that you are friends with Gerry.

    • You have shit friends :)

    • Incorrect information under Vic stage 4, unless he has an exemption notice and fines can be in the $20k if you supply incorrect information to get an exemption

      • Work permits are not a problem.

        Sole traders must issue a worker permit and sign the worker permit as both the employer and employee.

        • you would want to be 100% sure you are eligible for an exception otherwise if you're wrong.
          PENALTIES Completing this document with false or misleading information may cause you to be in breach of the Permitted Worker Permit Scheme Directions and liable to penalties up to $19,826.40 (individuals) and $99,132 (bodies corporate).

  • Probably not, the government knows all and has a giant death ray in space to vaporise lockdown breakers

  • Wouldn't risk it unless he is usually a mobile mechanic.

    Take it to his place of business.

    If you guys got busted, think about how your defence would look like.

    Police: Your friend is here. You're getting a fine.

    U: Not my friend, my mechanic.

    P: ah. Mobile mechanic. Where's your van.

    M: oh not usually.

    P: so only for friends. (Conclusion - you are lying.)

    Or the other likely outcome is you have no reasonable response as to why you couldn't take your car to the workshop.

    • Car is broken, can't take it to his workshop.

      • I'll call you a tow truck. Here's the bill and here is the fine.

      • @bhubb18 If the car is 'broken' why are you worrying about an oil leak?

        Just put a sheet of cardboard or some rags under the car and they'll soak up the oil.

        If it's a major leak it'll stop when the car runs out of oil.

    • You're forgetting the fact that if you going out for a necessary good or service it has to be within 5kms.

      I think the reasonable thing to do under the circumstances is go to a mechanic within 5kms or call a mobile mechanic.

  • If he is a qualified mechanic(mobile mechanic to be precise) with something to prove this he may or may not be allowed to travel to do his job depending on what Dan will be announcing tomorrow. He said some businesses would be able to operate as usual (Supermarkets and pharmacies), some will limit their services (i.e. Bunnings open for trades only) and the rest would be shut for 6 weeks.

  • Can you have a lower risk by not changing your oil at all while there is a serious pandemic?
    It’s not like there is lots of driving going to be done in the next six weeks.

    • Sorry, I misread. If it is a serious oil leak, I guess it needs attention. But maybe just top up the oil till things are a bit less serious?

      • I called the corona helpline. They told me to call the police assistant line to confirm because they couldn't answer. I'll see. Otherwise I'll do online deliveries.

    • Oil leak, not an oil change. I could find alternatives like uber if that's still operating, I haven't looked into it. I mainly use the car for groceries and delivering meals to my family. I know that is an essential activity, just want to make sure its within the regulations and I don't get slapped with a fine.
      In the mean time I'm going to get woolies delivery if I must.

  • How bad is the leak? Maybe just keep using the car as little as possible, clean around the leak as required and keep the oil topped up.

  • State Gov will announce tmr the work restrictions. Your mate may fall into a category where he can still run his business. He may need to give proof that he falls into that category.

    His best bet is to start working on an selling point that that since he's a mobile mechanic, he can operate in a way that reduces exposure to everyone. Eg: No shop that people have to drive to and wait to get their car fixed, he can just roll up to a vehicle already outside, no contact, do his job and leave. People with fixed cars to get to the supermarket so they can buy more at once for the week/fortnight, make less trips and reduce exposure.

    We'll find out more tomorrow so just hang tight.

  • If a mechanic can visit another persons house to fix their cars I don't see how they cannot on your car.

  • @dorydae - The official list says "vehicle repair, servicing and maintenance" can continue to operate under COVID-safe protocols, but only for on-site work.

    At the top of the doco it says sole operators CAN continue to operate, as long as they don't have contact with people outside of their household.

    Park your car on the street and let them do the work, and I think this counts.

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