Strange: Not a Single Review Found for LG Monitor -LG 35WN75C-B

I am thinking of buying this monitor.

Model is LG 35WN75C-B
Both mwave and are selling it.

When I google, I can find the links on online shops, especially in Australia based sites only but not a single review on it. Even in youtube, there is only one ad video.
So, I am puzzled how it is so.
Is it too new? Too uncommon or bad that nobody has bought it yet. Australia only model?
Or are they known by some other name?

The specs look good, but without reviews, a bit worried. How could an LG monitor which has been there for years have not a single review anywhere on the web?
Any idea why this may happen?

Thank you


  • It's not ideal for a gaming monitor so maybe there isn't a large enough interest from the prosumer market.

    VA panel, not 4K at that size, slow response rate, low refresh rate, no Gsync. At that price point, not great.

    • I need it for multitasking: coding, reading and bit of
      video edit no gaming at all.
      For my MacBook pro so LG seems to be the best mate and that is best has in that price range.
      It has a 100hz refresh rate which should be excellent for regular work.
      IPS monitor with the same config is more than 1500, and since I won't be gaming, I feel that should be good.
      Or anything better you can recommend at the same price around 1000$
      Thank you in advance.

      • Apparently it's 100Hz over DisplayPort only and 75Hz using other inputs.

        I was answering your question on why there isn't much interest though. Looks like it'll be fine for your use case.

        • Thank you. Initially, I also wanted an IPS and found some IPS monitors 34" in the same price range and around the same refresh rate, but the resolution is almost half of this one: lg750 and lg850.
          So, for regular work, I felt that I should go for resolution rather than refresh rates (as 100 is not bad) based on my use.
          There are some Samsung alternatives, but all VA and reviews say maybe LG might have sight edge over Samsung.

          • @frank100: If you don't need high specs nor particularly fussed about framerates then you could pickup 2x VX3276-2K IPS monitors, a Mac-compatible USB-C dock for them and still have couple hundred dollars change leftover. Plenty more screen real estate for work that way.

      • you don't need 100hz for regular work

        ips , 10bit, srgb99%, usbc power to MBP

        edit: Ahh , they phased out, wonder what's the replacement model

        • Yup and has an overall review of 2 in LG site.
          And the product was out of stock in umart, and it is selling for 1200$($300 more than this model) in yup also refresh rate was only 75. So thought of this one. There is one alternative but selling for around 1550$ to 1800$.

    • I wouldn't even use that monitor as a door stop.

  • According to this article dated June 2020, the 35WN75C-B was launched recently. Since it's pretty new, I'm not surprised that there's no review it. LG monitors/TV are pretty good, I won't be worried too much about their quality and performance. Otherwise you could consider an older model?

  • I've been keeping an eye on this and also would be interested in knowing.

    My use would be just for Uni. Something I can plug my laptop in via usb c and get a good charge (min required 65w) and have the benefits of a "dual screen" setup with just one monitor.

    Is it a 1800R curve?

    • Exactly, that is the reason I am buying it, not a dell. Yes, I think it is 1800r.
      Not for the game purpose and for mac, I have found this is best available for that price range after three days of research.
      Also, I just found that thought not indexed in the search engine it is currently in #24 in the best monitor, overall list in Amazon and 1st among 34-35 inch ones and selling for 999$(100$ more)

      Maybe no reviews as it is too new, first impression.

  • Just get samsung G7 monitor

    • Thanks but that one is 27 inches. I need 34-35 ultra-wide so that I avoid dual display set up. Also, 27 inch one is 999.
      The equivalent 34 inch model of Samsung LC34H892WJEXXY 34 is 100$ more almost everything same but seems like most agree for mac and overall monitor quality, Lg is preferable over Samsung.

      • Samsung G7 is 32 inches, its massive and way better built than LG

        • Well, that is VA as well, the resolution is 2560x1080 only and most imp no USB-c port.1000 curve may be too much. Plus 300$ more. Plus since I am not looking for a gaming purpose, I think this one serves better. Thanks anyways.

  • Lol seems like someone has reported it for some duplicate post. So if I post something about monitor now, it will be considered as duplicate. This is about not getting any review about a particular model and other was about general asking for any monitors. I don't know how it is duplicate.
    Lol, some people should invest their time in something more

  • Just so you know a 34" Ultrawide does not equal two 27" monitors.
    you are looking for a 49" Super Ultrawide if you truly want the dual monitor setup but on a single display.

  • Idk about this specific product, but manufacturers often churn out a lot of products that are almost identical but with minor model variations and sell them to different distributors/retailers. It is possible that a very similar model is being sold but with a different model number.

    Retailers often do this so they don't have to price match, because it is a different 'model' (eg XXX-XXX-X-1 vs XXX-XXX-X-2).

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