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[PC] Free: Parkour Simulator 3D - Extreme Runner || Ashley - The Story Of Survival @ Microsoft


Free Parkour Simulator 3D - Extreme Runner - 8 days left

Save AU$134.95

Description - Enjoy FREEDOM - forget about limits, only action matters!

Parkour Simulator 3D: choose freedom, choose motion, choose thrill
Express yourself in body language
Perform amazing stunts, compete with rivals, participate in street parkour battles, train and develop your abilities

Show what you’re capable of in different game modes:
Run and reach all checkpoints until the time runs out.


Also Ashley - The Story Of Survival from Microsoft Save AU$119.95

Ashley - The Story Of Survival
Her life was changed in a few seconds… She has lost everything - parents, home, childhood… Now she has to survive in this world.


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  • +3

    Parkour Simulator 3D - Extreme Runner

    Is there a VIC version that turns off at 8pm?

  • +1
    • Save AU$134.95

      I got 10 copies, so I saved $1,349.50 !!!

      • This. Dafuq?

        I think they meant 4.95

        • +1

          I'd get in quick if I was you before it goes back to full price…

  • Sounds like a terrible idea for a game…. But it is free…

    • +1

      This is another one of those games or apps which are always free, and likely riddled with crap

  • The irony…

  • I don't understand why Microsoft price like this, it could make some people expect to pay a lot of money for poor quality games or be dissapointed with the quality of the freebie. Could be a price error but its not the first ridiculously priced game on the store

    • +3

      It's not Microsoft. It's an Austrian developer just cranking out crappy games and putting them on the app store. They overprice them then they drop them to free to get a whole lot of downloads.

      Then they put the price back up, and use the social proof of "all of the sales at this price" to sell their software development services.

  • I've actually been looking for a parkour game that isn't based on killing people. At least the price for this one is currently accurate.

  • Thanks OP interesting looking game I miss this forgotten genre of extreme sports.

    Playstation One and Two had a lot of good extreme sport games.

  • All 15 games from this publisher Akadem GmbH are free +. Usually listing prices more than most AAA titles.

    These type of games are always seem to be free and + Offers in-app purchases

  • Mirror's Edge, yo.

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