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Little Nation Balance Bikes $59.95 (50% off) + $9.90 Flat Delivery (Limited Stock/Colours) @ Little Nation


These look great for kids to work their way up to scooters etc. can get 2 delivered for $129.80.

Aussie company as well

Edit: updated the link to the blue one

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  • Good bike. Just beware if you have any slopes near your place. This doesn't have brakes.

    I've got two and I think I need to get some brakes on there.

  • How heavy is this thing?

  • this or cruzee - feedback from anyone with personal experience?

    • Have not used the other one, this bike is heavy just keep that in mind.

      • This bike is probably average as far as balance bikes go. Definitely lighter ones out there but also some like the cheap Kmart one and the not so cheap Giant branded one I picked up from market place that are more like 4kg.

        For the record the recommendation is no more than 1/4 of your child's weight so weight for these bikes is rather important.

    • i went with cruzee because of the weight factor. It is 3x more expensive. My son can carry it on his own up the stair etc. In early days, when he was tired of riding it, it was easy for me to carry all the way home! Neighbour's kid has a wooden one and struggled to carry it on his own even at age 4.5. There are several others on the same price point as little nation, booti is the brand? The only down side for cruzee is that it is expensive and the kid outgrows it quick. If you could find second hand, probably good for it.

      Edit: what i like about cruzee is the seat post is easily adjustable on the go as the non-screw clamp lock is used.

      • Agree with Koala.
        I got a cruzee for $121 delivered in November 18.
        My 4.5 year old (19kg) and 2.5 year old (13kg) both can balance with it

      • i can see this ending badly for me.
        first bike for daugher will be a cruzee, a mini weight weenie "so she can carry it up the stairs faster"
        then at 12, she'll need a carbon s-works "so she can ride up to school faster"……….

        appreciate the feedback!

        • haha. funny. we just upgrade to 16" bike. this time a cheapo kmart second hand bike as i know the kid wont be asking me to carry it home. ;)

  • Thanks, took a punt and bought the white, hopefully will entertain the kids during lockdown.

  • Anyone bought this?

    Its same price $59.9 but free shipping for Prime member

  • The assembly instructions are amongst the absolute worst you will ever see.

  • Are there any balance bike race in perth??


  • My son hates his balance bike as well as his fancy scooter. Just get them a bike with training wheels and make your money go further