Exetel price increase from end of month

hey fam,

exetel is increasing the price from end of month.

whats the alternative option? they are saying i can cancel the plan if i dunt like it…


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    Pay the new price or churn to another provider that will maintain prices but degrade your connection quality.

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    What plan you are on, and how long you been with them?

  • whats the alternative option? they are saying i can cancel the plan if i dunt like it…

    The alternative is exactly what they told you - cancel the plan if you "dunt" like it.. haha

  • What price/speed are you currently on and what's the price increase?

  • I just swapped from Exetel to AussieB. Note Exetel have a 30 day notice period so if you don't want to pay for an extra month you need to find a way of giving them notice without getting your new provider to connect for close to 30 days.

  • Recently cancelled exetel too after about 12yrs of being a customer. They just aren't competitive anymore and don't offer any benefit to long term customers.

  • I don't get it, i'm still with exetel on 50/20 plan paying $59.99 per month. I've been with them more than 1.5 years.
    Is increase for new and existing customers? I haven't been told mines getting increased.

    • The time has come for me. On 50/20 plan for 1.5 year. Jump from $59.99 to $65.99pm. still cheaper than their new customers price and other competitors. Not a cause to change for now .

      • Just got that e-mail too, I wonder how other plans today compare.

        • ah freak, jinxed myself and i got the email too

  • There are a number of options…

    The two that are a bit unique are Launtel with their pay per day with unlimited plan changes. You can switch plans as needed to save money.

    I'm with Future broadband and they have a different approach.. Data banking. You get 2000GB to kick start your bank. I use about 600g a month so I will start on the 1000g plan and build my data bank up and then go back down to the 500g plan and save money, use data bank up. They use a business network so its always fast, and no drop outs. Pay in advance discount (8% off if you pay 6 months), a generous referral program, static IP and Aussie based support.

    Example of Pay in advance (becomes available after account is established) prices for NBN50 speed. $72.68 for 1000G plus max 5000G data bank. $63.48 for 500G plus max 5000G databank.

    As I understand it the price rise at Exetel really just brings it into line with these discounted prices so unless you want a static IP and have a modest usage pattern then the saving are probably not that much.

    I see Tangerine have a number of happy customers so for a budget ISP I would take a cruise past their website as well.

    Another ISP I really like is Leaptel, mainly due to people not reporting issues or if they do management activily helping out via forums and such. I would put them on any shortlist but no so much for price.

    I like data plans as you are not subsidising those heavy downloaders but on the other hand those that offer unlimited like Superloop (excellent ISP) can sort of just forget about usage so its has it benefits. Superloop have a very well priced 100/20 plan.

    Good luck to all those looking for alternatives. My advice is to not get into a contract and research well.

  • I was with exetel a year ago paying $60 a month for 50/20 unlimited.
    79 now? That’s crazy.
    I’m paying only $55 on Belong. Very happy.
    P.S FTTP

    • Belong $55 plan has speed of 32/18 so different speed category, and also needs a 12 month contract.
      Good deal, but different price point level.

      • It seems that Belong has exercised the speed limit for Starter Plan recently. I used to get 54/18 for the last two months and before that I got 42/18. But yeah, I can only get 33/18 on SPEEDTEST but YouTube connection speed showed 46027Kbps. It’s weird.

        • Which is still a very good price for that speed.

          I'm at Future Broadband and they have the NBN25 plan for $59 500G plus 5000G data bank.. their unlimited is $69.
          NBN50 plans start at $69

          Belong starter remain one of the best value plans available even with the contract/modem purchase requirement.

  • Been with them since last year on a 50/20Mbps 700GB cap plan.Still only paying 54.99/m 😷

  • Wondering if anyone here is on their NBN100 paying less than the $99pm advertised price?

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