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[PS4] Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition - $30.26 + $7.64 ($0 Delivery w/ Prime $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


First time, long time. Don't eat me.

$30.26 for PS4 physical copy of a well loved RPG from Larian Studios. Hard and deep game. Chat to your fellow OzBargainer and spend $62.52 together to purchase two copies and avoid delivery fees, wait an extended time for delivery from the U.S, wait for stage four lockdowns to lift in Victoria, drive the distance to their house and responsibly social distance deliver it to them (throw it at their front door). Everyone is happy for physical!

92 on Metacritic

Best price on Amazon for physical according to CamelCamelCamel

Xbox One version going for $33.13 currently via same link.

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  • Incredible game!

  • How does this compare to Witcher 3? I've never really liked RPG's but loved Witcher

    • Not similar. Turn based combat, resource management, isometric view, convoluted stats and mechanics etc. - very much a game for fans of traditional RPGs. Awesome game though.

    • Very different gameplay, but same awesomeness. It's turn-based and can be unforgiving at times if you don't play it in explorer mode (easiest).

  • Really good game. I love the writing and direction from Larian studios. My only gripe with it is the constant cycling through gear. You need to upgrade every item, every 2-3 levels, for every character, to meet the difficulty curve. I noticed I was spending too much time in the menus comparing items and unfortunately decided my time was better spent on other games.

    Anyone else find this?

    • I disagree, Divinity is all about strategy and synergy with the different characters and spells. Once you have that sorted I think the most important aspect is having enough armour/magic resist to survive attacks from the tough enemies.

      I play on tactician mode and find I could get away with not upgrading gear most of the time.

      There are easy mods to solve your problem though like a shopkeeper who will upgrade your gear for money so you can keep your item stats.

  • Absolutely loved this game