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Corsair Virtuoso RGB Wireless Gaming Headset $329, Audioengine 512 Portable Bluetooth Speaker $189 + Shipping (Free CC) @Umart


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  • SE is cheaper with free delivery on Amazon w/Prime albeit a longer wait for delivery as US import.


    Regular set is $280


    The main differences between the two are the mic and the side lighting. The SE includes a 9.5mm mic, but in most scenarios your teammates are unlikely to notice the difference. However, while both mics are described as broadcast quality, the SE will do a better job of picking up the low end during streams.

    The side lighting is… interesting. Both models have the logo on the side with LED lighting but the SE uses "micro-perforation" which allows it to change color and do other customizations; it looks like a tiny screen, albeit one shaped like a tiny ship. It's cool in concept and fun to stare at, but ultimately underwhelming given how tiny it is.

    I don't mind mine but the battery life is crap if you have the RGB LED's on and my HyperX Cloud Flight's were more comfortable for extended sessions.

    • How do these and Cloud Flights compare to Siberia 840s?

      I ordered the regular Virtuoso last week due to my Siberia 840s seemingly suffering battery degeneration.

      • I got the Virtuoso 3 weeks back from JB, they are awesome!

        I'm no Audiophile, but I came from the HyperX Cloud II's and the sound quality is pretty much the same, however with my better sound isolation.

        The only con I have experienced so far is that the top headband is a bit more stiff compared to my previous headset so the first week it was a bit uncomfortable after long use however am used to it now, and the battery indication is very iffy (i.e. they say battery life is ~20hours, it goes from full to low in about 8-9hours, and goes into critical after about 14hours and stays there for quite a while, I havent had it completely die on me yet.)

    • Yup, this Virtuoso SE price is literally MSRP, which no one should ever pay for this product.

    • The SEs are showing as $325.54 + $17.11 for me. $329 for the SEs seems like the cheapest currently.

  • Corsair Virtuoso $329, was $329? Wheres the deal?

  • Not a great deal. Bought my Corsair Virtuoso RGB from JB Hifi for $279 during one of their gaming accessories sales at the start of this year, and then used discounted egift cards from Suncorp Benefits.

    As for whether I rate the product, I picked it because the mic was detachable and good quality for voice calls (perfect for WebEx) and the design not too garish. I'm not a fan of iCue but I live with it since I have Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro RAM already. The frustrating thing though is the audio quality is significantly better plugged in using the USB C cable which makes it harder to justify using wireless mode even though it's so much more convenient. The microphone which is detachable also is a bit of a hassle to plug in (I still find it troublesome to plug in due to the shape of the proprietary plug).