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[Backorder] Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker (Black) [Small/Large] $89 (Was $159) + $5 Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker (Black) [Large]

Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Tracker (Black) [Small]

  • Always-on colour display
  • Safe for swimming and showering
  • Over 1 Year battery life

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    After a year, you need to throw this band away?


      No, its a "user replaceable" battery.

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    OP, please mention in the title that it is now on backorder

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    meh, same price at kogan…

    (i thought these where 79 yesterday, but its saying best price ever, so maybe not.)

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    Garmin's official store has the same price also https://buy.garmin.com/en-AU/AU/p/582444


    Can someone explain why people would wear this in the shower?

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      Just gives you the flexibility of not having the hassle of taking it off and on everytime you shower.

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      To see how many "steps" you rack up washing your junk


        Teenage boys may clock up thousands of 'steps' while in the shower.


      Just means it's waterproof for basic everyday activities.
      Otherwise people wouldn't buy it, concerned they would forget to take it off in shower, rain, etc & wreck it.

      The 25000 free Cadbury Smart Bands unsurprisingly are not suitable for those activities! Was disassembled & no waterproofing found.
      That crappy band doesn't even bother including the Heart Rate sensor it says it has - it just fakes the Heart Rate results!!

      So check the accuracy & reliability of these devices. Even a Samsung Galaxy Fit band failed (recorded no steps - but showed 5km walking as exercise, sleep recording was so inaccurate - double actual sleep, etc). Returned it as unfit for purpose to JB Hi-Fi.


        My daughter has vivofit 2. She wears it 24*7 - swimming included. No issue at all. Waterproofing is excellent.


          As it should be. No one wants a smart band to fail because it can't be used in normal activities. And with children that means getting wet!

          But fitness bands & watches are not necessarily that accurate or reliable. Most people just assume they are.

          My testing surprised me. I never expected a band to produce FAKE RESULTS! The ACCC & AOC say they are investigating the Cadbury band & promotion after my complaint.


    I purchased one yesterday, but didn't realise these didn't have a silent alarm like a Fitbit. Wore it for about an hour. Will ship one anywhere in Australia for $60.. PM me if keen. Have all receipts etc, just can't return it!

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    Smart watch/band thing depends on what you are looking for. The so called Cadbury smart bands (see comment above) are effectively Mi Band 4 clones and can be had for $7.50 on Ebay (? cheaper on aliexpress). I had one and it actually measured steps quite well, kept good time (even when not synchronised to phone) and did display SMSs and caller ID. All the other so called monitors etc were essentially fake.

    The best bang for bucks at the moment INMO is Xiaomi Mi Band 5 which can be had for ~$60. I am wearing one now for 7 days and the charge is still above 65%. It measures steps etc well. Its heart rate monitor checked against full ECG recording was within 5 beats until 130 beats/min above this the accuracy fell away. Not sure about sleep monitor as I don't have any use for it. Measures distance accurately and when connected to app can track walking and running well. I have not tried the other exercise modes.

    It is OK to use in shower but not regular swimming.


      Accurate Sleep monitor is the one function I'm interested in. Have a sleep issue that affects health. Unfortunately sleep specialist Doctors haven't found a solution.

      Monitoring helps keep me on track. I use it to see the effect of changes in habits (sleep hygiene) on sleep.

      Found Samsung Galaxy Fit band was wildly inaccurate - unusable for that use. It recorded REM sleep while awake - which is so wrong. It even stopped recording steps one day! Returned!

      For my use I am only interested in activity like steps (not for specialised use with exercise) & sleep / stages of sleep.

      Have used basic Fitbits (no display except LEDs) from Deals for those functions & found quite accurate & reliable over years.
      I also have a dedicated Heart Rate band for accurate HR.

      Wrote a paper in psychology examining watch wearing behaviour - happily haven't worn a watch in years. So watch function is unnecessary.

      Xiaomi Mi Bands integrate with Sleep as Android app - which may be useful. Used it before Fitbits - which don't integrate.

      So if you have feedback for sleep recording sometime… I'm interested.
      (I did the testing that exposed the Cadbury band.)

      The main thing to look for is if it records the correct length of sleep (check with clock before falling asleep & waking) & it accounts for time restless or awake during night.

      I'm looking into Wirthing's sleep Analyser A mat that goes under mattress to detect many issues with Sleep.