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Rechargeable Portable Blender 30% off Mini Personal Blender $48.99 Delivered @ AhaTechAus Amazon AU


AhaTech Portable Personal Blender for Shakes Smoothies, Enjoy on the Go!
Making delicious and healthy smoothies is now easier than ever before with this lightweight blender. This high-performing and easy-to-use protein shake blender can help you achieve a healthier diet and a great vitamin boost through natural juice and smoothies. The smoothie blender single serve is USB rechargeable and portable, so you can enjoy your favourite healthy drink in anywhere.

6 Blades 4000mAh Ahatech Portable Blender

Power: 150W
Cup capacity: 380ml
Motor standard: DC7.4V
Battery capacity: 4000mAh
Charger: DC 5V/1A
Operating current: 10-30A
Motor speed: 22000 RPM
Use time: 20-25 times when fully charged


1x AhaTech Portable Blender
1x USB Charger
1x Manual
1x Cleaning Brush (FREE)

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      • $17 cheaper…

        The real point here though is that this is just a generic blender with your name slapped on it with an inflated price that you've then 'discounted' to create the illusion of a bargain.

        Price on Ali is $8 USD (~$11 AUD) when buying in the quantities required for them to print a custom name/logo on it so I think $70 is quite a rip-off really.

        Even at $49 it's a hard sell when you consider what similar spec blenders go for on eBay shipped locally from Australia.

        The reviews for your blender aren't that great either. At least not when sold under names like TopEsct, Tenswall, BTwear, etc.


          There are a lot of assumptions in your comment without actually holding any if those in your hands.
          Just because they look similar doesn't mean they are the same product.

          We probably need to sack our procurement guy and hire you instead.😊

          May be we won't be able to Afford you if you keep negging our deals. And share industry secrets with whole lot of assumptions

          • @tandoor5: Which assumption was incorrect that you are refuting? You literally slapped your logo on a bog standard mass produced Chinese product then stuck a margin on it to profit, no?

            I mean going through your history and 'brand' name products, that's exactly what you do across the board, just rebrand stuff and resell. You don't develop or produce any of your own stuff.

            Not saying anything wrong with that, it's your prerogative to do so and ours to choose to buy or not.

          • @tandoor5:

            Just because they look similar doesn't mean they are the same product.

            They don't look similar. They look exactly the same.

            Below is a side by side of your AhaTech blender and the Tenswall blender.


            Even the damn fruit is the same. You seriously trying to tell me those two aren't the exact same product?

    • +1 vote

      That's a different product. Different specs.
      4 blades …6 blades..
      Bigger capacity, 350 …380
      That's cafe 63…this is ahatech

      Not here to change your mind, just highlighting the bits seems to have missed in comparison

  • Hey rep did you know your deal can still be negged even if you marked it as expired?

  • poor rep…..

  • Lol what a dodgy product, you will be lucky to blend anything for longer than 10 mins with a 4000mah battery. What a joke