Additional Nintendo Switch Dock for Second TV?

Hey, was wondering if anyone knew of any reliable third party Nintendo switch docks that will actually work? I'm finding it hard to tell if the reviews for some products are reliable and don't want to fork out $125 for the Nintendo branded dock.

If anyone has any experiences with a second dock or recommendations that would be great!


  • I had this dilemma before, but with a few earlier generation 3rd party docs bricking the Switches, I thought best not to risk it.

  • Pretty sure you can buy 2nd hand docks from EB Games, that’s what I’d do.

  • I have been using Skull & Co. Jumpgate for about a week without any trouble so far.

    • What ac adaptor did you get for this, and for how much?

      • If you get one can you do a review.

        • Leaning towards a secondhand one from eb. After adding and AC power adapter and hdmi it might just be easier and similar priced… And no risk of bricking the switch

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            @Fishballs: If you have a spare 2A charger, a HDMI cable laying around, and don't play more than 1 hour at a time (since a normal 2A charger won't last long), you can buy the Jumpgate only.

            I agree they would be similar priced if you need to buy everything.
            For me it's just a bit more convenient. I have the original dock fixed in one room, but sometimes need to let others use the room. The Jumpgate is pretty portable, easier to take it from one place to another.
            I could also use the Core Drive as a USB hub when not playing.
            If they're not appealing to you, better just go with a 2nd hand one.

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        I used the USB port from a xiaomi strip and also a Lenovo Tab M10 charger. They're able to get the Switch into TV mode with my monitor & TV.
        However they couldn't provide enough power for the Switch to stay charged while playing.

        I then bought a 65W charger and it's been good so far.
        USB C cable to go with the charger since the one included is pretty short

        I think the CHOETECH charger from the last deal ( should work fine if you want to save a bit more (it's still cheaper without the sale), but I don't have it so can't say anything.

    • I've been looking at that stand as well. I think with the jump drive it's actually really good. It can hold the switch with a case, there is a pop up back stand to support it. Can be used for Dex (Samsung mobile connection to a computer or screen. Also from the reviews it's the safest one to use other then the OEM one.

  • You want to use at least a 39W charger for docked mode

    • I've got this and it works! But haven't used it much tbh…not enough to say I've had no issues

  • I got a used 2nd dock, no they're not cheap but it's the set and forget option!