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[PS4] Gran Turismo Sport $16.21/Nioh 2 $56.97/Moss (VR Game) $19.97 - PS Store


Great prices for these games - all time lowest prices on the Playstation Store.

Nioh 2: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP9000-CUSA15526...

Moss: https://store.playstation.com/en-au/product/EP1966-CUSA09760...


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  • Nioh 2 is currently $47.99 at Amazon.


    • Lysander says every game he posts is selling at great price.

      • Digital is instant. Plus, Amazon prices change pretty quickly (they have dynamic pricing so if 5 people look at it/buy it in quick succession the price goes up) and it can be out of stock at any time.
        Personally, I would rather spend a few dollars more for having it instantly and also for not supporting Amazon with its rather mediocre (and that is a euphemism still) working conditions (I know, I know, not the true Ozbargain way but morality and ethics is why generally I do not post anything from dodgy key sites either).

    • I brought the game on 3rd of July for $49 and I am still stuck at the first boss…

      • Invite a visitor at a shrine- up to two guests can help you quickly get through any level or boss. Multiplayer makes this game great. You can then help beginners when you get good.

  • Price wise, not that great for GT Sport, it was already discounted heavily last year. Seem to recall $17 for quite a number of PS Hits last year. Not to mention some people got the GT Sport + Controller deal(s). Sold the game to EB a few months ago, even if I doubled that price, it is still nowhere near $17.

    Then, you have GamePass PC / Console in which Forza Horizon 4 is on it. Not exactly the same type of racing game, but as much as I like GT Sport, FH4 is more fun.