BuyBuyBox Vs Banggood (or Just about Any Grey Importer) for OnePlus 7T Pro


My first venture into the forums so apologies if I'm making any ozb no no's

I'm out looking for a 7T Pro and having looked up tons of various grey import sites, and finding they all are extremely shifty, I've reached a crossroads between BuyBuyBox and Banggood. BBB is about $35 cheaper than BG but there is so much back and forth about warranty, which is less suspicious, better customer service and the like that I have no idea who to consider purchasing from.

There are so many deals from BBB so I thought they'd be better but after being confronted by a big security risk message just trying to get to their website, I'm not so sure anymore.

For those who have experience purchasing from these online stores, which offers better peace of mind? If BBB is just gonna run away with my money the moment I hit a fault, I'd rather just cop the extra cost.

If there's a store that trumps both, I'd love to hear about it!


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  • You are looking to buy from a grey market seller to get the bargain price. Nothing wrong with that, most of us do it.
    The sacrifice we make for that low price is no or difficult and expensive to obtain warranty, even if it is stated in their sales blurb.
    BangGood and their twin store Gear Best are long established online retailers with a reasonable reputation.
    BBB also sell through Ebay. Check their feedback on there to get an idea about the business.
    They also have a FB page… have a read of their community posts on there!! Several have sent phones for warranty service never to be seen again it seems.
    They get some mention on Product Review from unhappy customers also…

    • Thanks for the info!

      Having checked out their feedback, it seems like BBB is quite a bit sketchier compared to BG since some (emphasis on some) people have gotten some semblance of a refund/warranty from their goods from BG?

      Still, the frequency of BBB deals that appear on ozb along with relatively few complaints leaves room for doubt.

      Am I right in thinking that BG is probably the safer of the two? I've personally never purchased from either so if the extra "reliability" of BG is going to only improve my chances by a hypothetical 2% for example, it doesn't seem to be worth the cost…?

  • Welcome to OzBargain.

    Whichever store you eventually purchase from make sure that the phone can operate on all Australian bands.

    Some Grey Imports not designed for use in Australia have missing bands and while they still work they will not have the coverage expected.

    • Thanks!

      I had a quick gloss over and it looks like it supports almost all the 4G bands.

      Definitely something I had overlooked so thanks for the info

  • Don't buy any grey market imported product and expect warranty.

  • I bought a OnePlus 5 from buybuybox in 2017 and a 6 from them in 2019. I actually found them to be very good. Good communication and fast shipping but never had a warranty issue so can't comment on that. I would buy from them again.

  • I just brought from buybuybox and they sent my phone within a day!
    not gotten yet since it was just sent.
    also brought Poco F2 Pro 5G Dual SIM (Global Version)

    • Did you get any email after the purchase? I bought the f2 pro a few days ago but they did not send me any type of confirmation email.

  • I recently bought my phone from bbb. Took around 2 weeks to arrive but otherwise the phone itself is great (I also got oneplus 7t pro. I am worried about warranty but for now I'll hope for the best

  • Just bought OP7T Pro from Buybuybox.

    Purchased last Monday, received yesterday. Around 8 days in total.

    As per previous comments, no expectation on warranty though..