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LEGO Super Mario Bowser's Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set 71369 Building Kit $127.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good deal considering it is a brand new release and comes with free delivery.

Looks like amazon price matched with Kmart.

You also get a free gift with purchase:

Special offers and product promotions
Spend $50 or more on any Lego Super Mario product and receive a free Lego Super Mario gift. Offered by Amazon AU.


Thank to @PinzVidz who commented on this:


Mod 10/9: Back in stock and down to $127.99 from $129.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    Cheers for the mention, OP.

    • The ? is best value in the series to get just above $50 for maximum bang for your bucks ?

      But again its just been release its going to be around for a long time from here :)

    • Crap this was the free gift with the preorder from Eb games. I could have saved $10 buying from here, rather than EB

      • I Price matched $79 with target from eb.

        • They still give u the bonus?

    • I preordered the starter kit and didnt receive the free gift, I complained to amazon support and got 35% off

  • Is this worth getting now or wait for further discounts?

    • -2

      I wonder whether this stuff will end up like LE Switch consoles, sold out everywhere and sold for twice the price on eBay, Scumtree etc.

      • +1

        It's not limited edition so I doubt it.

        • I realise it's not LE, but think of the Nintendo madness.

  • +1

    WTF Lego, why does Mario look like duplo?

    We just want actual Mario minifigures, is that really so hard to figure out?

    • Can't fit all that technology into a minifig.

      • True. But who cares?

        Looks like they got too clever and end up making something nobody asked for.

        Hopefully they make some "proper" mario sets eventually with properly-scaled minifigs like for every other IP, now that they have a licensing deal with Nintendo. But I suspect these won't sell as well as Lego hoped.

        • +1

          Always look like that, LEGO people are.
          — LEGO Yoda

      • +1

        The 'technology' is not too different from what I've seen in a bunch of toddler toys (trains and cars that trigger noises on particular sections of track, etc).

        The 'technology' here is just a way to produce something they can charge a bigger premium for. People would have been happier with just some well designed regular Lego sets with Mario minifigs.

  • +3

    Without a Chain Chomp this just feels empty….

  • +1

    Waiting for the LEGO NES to appear on Amazon AU.

    • Or any other retail store! Will have to be quick on that one.

    • this isn't a limited set is it? looks awesome

  • Now $127.99

    For those in VIC, $115 at Target

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