5-Star Ovolo Wooloomooloo Superior Room from $496 for 2 Weekend Nights @ Beat That Flight


Was playing around with hotels for this weekend and noticed this. Superior Room, $496 for 2 nights.

For comparison, Booking.com has it from $565, and booking direct seems to be $283 a night = $566 for two nights.

I also checked two months later to compare and during the week two nights cost even more - $818 so this seems pretty great.

From their website:

Ovolo Hotel Woolloomooloo offers a unique stay, close to the heart of Sydney CBD but yet in a peaceful wharf location. Offering 5-star boutique accommodation options that include beautifully-designed private rooms and outstanding loft suites. Our rooms are incredibly spacious, with beds that will make you forget about home! We have amazing facilities which include an a Indoor pool, restaurant, bar & a fitness center.

Bridging between heritage and modern luxury, indulge in the rich history of the Woolloomooloo wharf complemented by contemporary designs and tech-savvy inclusions. All in the comfort of your generously sized abode over picturesque Sydney Harbour.

Located near Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens, you will be in the perfect location to explore beautiful parklands and the Sydney Opera House as well as The Rocks.
We truly are the perfect luxury boutique hotel for your next trip to Sydney

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  • These days the best way to get the best deal on a room is to use an aggregator site to find the best advertised price, then call the hotel and see what they can offer. Often they'll take at least 10% off any advertised price. You then get all the benefits of booking direct such as points, free wifi, any applicable status benefits etc.

    • whats a good aggregator site?

    • There are only a few real companies behind ALL these aggregation sites? Can you imagine a hotel posting hundreds of different prices for one room?

      I was at a motel & they said they lowered the rate to $XX for all rooms because there were few bookings on the weekend. I used www.booking.com and it was the same rate everywhere else. They will change commission though.

  • booking.com via the app is coming up as $458 for a deluxe king room for me. Not going to downvote but if you are going to post a deal for yourself, at least make sure it is the cheapest.

    • Did, as I said - in my link to booking.com it's higher. Interesting if they show different results on desktop vs mobile 🤔

      • That's common knowledge, they're not the only aggregator to do it either. Seriously, how do you not know this?

  • Great hotel. Lots of freebies to take home like the ones that would normally be snuck in the bags upon checking out. 😂

    • Agreed. Was really happy with my last stay there.

      Tablets and Apple TVs in the room are a nice touch as well, along with the minibar being free.

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