Hi all, any good recomendations for a gaming/music/skype headset (around $150)?

Hi all, unfortunately I missed the boat of a lot of the good headset deals, but was looking for recommendations on a new one.

Essentially I used to have this one, that I bought from MSY for like $25 and honestly I loved them, but the microphone doesn't stay up anymore and the cable is a little iffy after so many years:


I'm looking for something similar with:
* USB Connection (unless someone can argue its better not to, as I'm seeing 3.5mm everywhere)
* Microphone as I need it for Skype calls for work
* Something that will last 4ish years

I'm hoping for something sturdy but good quality, able to pay around $250 but hoping to pay less and would love to be in the $150 range.

Last one i tried was the Logitech G430, but they felt so plasticy, I never used them and don't have the anymore.

Thanks for any recs.



    Upper range: Logitech G Pro X or Logitech G635

    Lower range: SteelSeries Arctis 5 or Logitech G432


      I second Arctis - you can even save with the lower end model like Arctis 3 as they practically have the same sound quality


    If there's a headset you like and you must have USB, you can get a little DAC like this one as well. https://www.centrecom.com.au/creative-sound-blaster-play-3-u...

    I currently use this with HyperX Cloud Alphas.

    Option 2 is to go wireless. They'll come with a usb adapter.

    I used to have the HS50 wired version which was pretty comfy and great sounding for the price, and felt solid.


    the hyperx cloud II sound good for your price range. it has a decent mic, aluminium body if your worried about plastic and comes with a usb connector im pretty sure