Brighter RGB Bulbs?


I recently got Kogan RGBW bulbs on a deal here. I tried them out in the kids room and it seems like at any color settings (other than white), the light is so dim, that its practically unusable - even with 2 bulbs in the room. I then had a look at RGB CCT lights and thought that the RGB+CCT will mix some white light with colour lights to make the color lights brighter but that does not seem to be the case. The CCT will just change the color temperature between warm and cool white when we are not using color light (please correct me if I am wrong).

Are there any RGBW bulbs that produce bright enough light at color settings that can be controlled with Alexa/Google Assitant?

Thanks :)


  • I have a Lifx, and i think it's good to 1000lm. That's pretty bright compared to even most of the bulbs you can get from Bunnings that DON'T have wifi capability

    No idea if they still make them that powerful, i bought them maybe 4yrs ago when they were a lot cheaper too!

    • Kogan ones are also very bright at white settings (1000 lm each), but when I switch to any other color, they are extrememly dim :(

  • I'm using Arlec and Mirabello globes around my place and not having any issues relating to brightness and they're all around the 800lm mark.