PSA: Woolworths eGift Cards Now Have Barcodes Like Coles

Scan and input PIN.

Big time saver, especially for the SB/CR small denomination incentives.

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    Have they improved it to be like Coles where if you don't have enough balance it automatically sets the max value rather than just rejecting it and forces you to "get assistance"?

    • if bar code is not that important, you can use Woolworths money app on smart phones, they display balance in real time and can store up to 10 cards.
      the only downside is you have to punch in 10 digit number in the eftpos machine.

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        Try updating your app. Mine is showing barcodes in the Woolworths money app now

        • I updated my app and the barcode was there. I was happy. When I went to the shop to pay though, the barcode was no longer there on the app. When I got home and checked again, it was back. I have no idea what is going on!

          • @wizzy: You need data for the barcode to generate.

            What I suggest is that you can try take a screenshot of the barcode screen when you are at home and then use it by turning up your brightness manually to mimic the same effect of the app.

            • @BrainDead: Great suggestion thanks.

              I'm pretty sure that I did have data but I am going to check again today when I go to the shops.

    • that is insanely annoying. it won't tell you the balance on a receipt when it is declined., it is not user friendly

  • Nice

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    Noticed this and came here to post.
    It's about time they got to using barcodes… Just a pity that it took a global pandemic for them to get their act together

  • Still prefer the Woolies enter code + PIN. The Coles bar code scanner doesn't work half the time.

    • Coles barcode works every time using Samsung Pay using the main scanner (not the small Flybuys one).

      • Are you referring to the Coles gift card bar code? That's my beef.

        • Yes Coles gift card barcode. Works on both the small and big scanners for me with Samsung Pay, but I prefer using the big one.

    • I would prefer that Coles had an option to enter card number & pin. I reckon the Coles scanners work about 10% of the time with my iPhone 8.

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        Create your own Coles barcode in a loyalty card app (I use stocard) and they scan easily.

        • Thanks. I have loaded one into Stocard and will try it out.

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    Oh cool. Noice!

    Somewhat related. Woolies should really combine their apps. I regularly use 3 separate apps but each one has it's own purpose

    Money - Keep track of your eGC & balances; Scan your rewards card
    Main app - Find products in aisle; Store hour info; List your specials
    Rewards - Track your eReceipts; List reward specials

    • mobile app also

  • The barcode includes the PIN at the end, hopefully they made it so you don't need to enter it on the eftpos machine.

    • You have to enter pin, if you use money app and barcode through the money app.

  • I tried the barcode today and it wouldn't scan. The machine can't recognise it.

    • Might be teething issues, I used mine and it worked fine. But did have to press screen selection button on self serve terminal, saying I wanted to use the barcode.

      • I wish we could rotate it to portrait mode. The scanner wouldn't scan because the barcode was too big on my fat phone. I used Google Pay's mini barcode instead.

        Also, on some phones the screen brightness needs to be manually turned up to max.

        • Had same issue. Hope they fix this.

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            @Webbo: Have you guys tried scanning with some distance? The scanner doesn't scan it if it's too close!

            • @awkwardmon: In other words, the generated code is too big. Think of the size of a barcode printed on a product.

              • @Neoika: Yep way too big… doesn't work…

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              @awkwardmon: Ended up taking screenshot of the barcode so I could use it in portrait mode. That worked.

    • Yep same here. Wouldn't scan spend a while trying on full brightness. Ended up punching it in again. Might try and screenshot it, shrink it down and try with it being a smaller barcode.

      Didn't they do any end to end testing here?

      edit: I actually used it at Dan Murphy's but she was using a handheld scanner and it worked - but not straight away she had to go back and forth for 10 seconds or more.

      • I sent them an email with feedback got the got most generic reply. It's as if they didn't read it. Now i'm not at all surprised it doesn't work.

        Dear Customer,

        Thank you for contacting our support.

        Please note that Money app supports Australian networks only and VPNs are not supported.
        Please ensure that you have set your device's time zone and date/time settings correctly as wrong date/time settings would cause security restrictions on your >device.
        We recommend enabling the 'Automatic Date and Time' option on your device.
        If you are connected to a WiFi network, please try temporarily disconnecting from the same.
        Also please try restarting your phone to refresh your network settings that may be blocking access to our services.

        Please get back to us with your gift card number and a screenshot of the error if the problem persists.
        Alternatively, visit to ensure your card is valid.

        Woolworths Money app team

  • Just wondering I know most of us use the cashrewards to buy 5% wish woolworths gift cards, but it takes ages for it to be received.
    Just wondering there are other sites that also offer 5%, does anyone know would they be faster receiving them or same time?

    • My experience is that the gcs arrive within 30 mins. My order on Monday arrived in 5 mins.

    • Yes, 5 minutes usually.

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