How Often Does Optus Run The Double Data Promo for Its Data SIM Plans?

Long story short, I am on a $60 Optus data SIM plan that gives me 200G per month over 24 months and a Samsung Tab S4. My contract ends in Nov, and I was told once it ends, I will be paying $80 per month if I choose to continue with this plan. I saw Optus is running the double data promo until 16 Aug and interested in the 50G for $25 per month (25G + 25G bonus data) over the next 36 months. I just talked to an Optus sales, and I told if I were to change to that plan, I have to pay $150 for the device cost.

I am not sure if I shall pay for the $150 now and change over to the 50G for $25 plan, or I shall wait until the current plan expires and take the next double data offer (if it runs frequently).

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