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Men's Logo Quarter Crew Sport Socks 3pk $4 (Was $17.95) + Shipping @ Bonds Outlet


…Yeah, i know bonds quality has gone down over recent years but these are actually still good quality & comparable to the bonds of old.
I have these & they are desirable for the following reasons: price per pair: $1.33, comfortable & warm, nice mid weight thickness, cushioned sole, good length for boots & sneakers, they wash well & dont stretch, they dont disintegrate/wear out on the soles like other bonds socks.

Shipping - $5.95 flat fee Australia-wide.


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Mens Logo Quarter Crew Sport Socks 3pk

Take it to the max, without maxing out your feet. Made with a soft cotton, nylon and elastane blend, these quarter-length sport socks feature a cushioned foot to absorb shock and keep you comfy as you play.

Product Code: S822D3
Material: Cotton / Elastane (exclusive of trims).

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  • The quality sure has gone down hill.
    Would buy for this price but that's about it now. So many pairs get holes in them so quickly,stopped buying them

  • Thanks, bought. I like these particular socks as well, they last a few years which is pretty good as I am nearly always on my feet.

    • yeh they are comfy socks…they wear well and are very comfortable for walking in ive found.
      i also use them for cycling in winter months as they have a good weight to them and stay in place

  • These are cheap enough to still buy, but these used to last me years, now they last me 2 months before getting a hole in the big toe. Every single pair, same spot.

  • Is free shipping before or after 10% off?

    • ….discount applies first, then free shipping applies…i.e. your final total of products must be over $29 to qualify for free shipping

  • Grand Sale! Grand Sale! Grand Sale!

  • after buying multiple pairs of their white socks last time they had their outlet… i realised i'm not a "white sock" kind of guy

    • i dont mind white socks….as long as the sole isnt white. good thing about these is the sole is coloured so they dont get dirty

  • Last time I got a pack of these socks they were a lot more and stretched considerably after around 2 washes.
    Considering $9.95 for this delivered I'll pass

  • Don't suppose these are antibacterial - need something that will help with athlete's foot :(

  • i'm wearing these on my feet right now. Both socks have multiple holes in them (at the heel not the toe). Haven't used them all that much either. They're thin.

    • Thanks for the tip, that's a pass for me then.

      • Update: I just threw them in the bin an hour ago.

        I bought a 3 pack, and that might have been the last pair.

        Update again: Just checked. Yes, that was the last pair.

        Will keep you posted if there are any further developments, though there probably shouldn't be.

        • ..thank you for your socks status update. keenly awaiting further updates as the situation develops

          • @franco cozzo: when the trash gets collected by the council, that will be the final update. Thank you for your patience.

            • @lostn: …your diligence & meticulous attention to detail is greatly appreciated by all wearers of socks everywhere & especially here on ozbargain
              …we eagerly await your final status update & any conclusions you may draw from your experiences thus far

  • Size 6 -10 : Still Available
    Size 11+ : Out of Stock

  • the drop in quality has been so disappointing I wouldn’t get it even if it was free. I loved my bonds socks and I liked to repair them - such a soothing activity. These ones they break down after just a few uses (rather than after months or even years) and you can’t even repair them properly because of the way they are made. I’m basically boycotting bonds now. Serves them well for ditching quality (and Australian manufacturing) after becoming popular

  • These are thin. On winter nights, they won't keep your feet warm. Also holes will form after not that long.

  • ….sorry folks. all sizes out of stock

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