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[PC] Steam - Humble Choice August 2020 (incl. Vampyr, Wargroove, Call of Cthulhu) - ~A$16.64 for all 12 games - Humble Bundle


Special deal this month: Classic and Premium subscribers (also new Premium subscribers) can pick up all 12 games for 12 USD this month.

The games this month are:

  • Vampyr
  • Wargroove
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • Automa Chef
  • American Fugitive
  • Little Big Workshop
  • Hello Neighbor
  • Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek
  • Genesis Alpha One
  • We were here together
  • The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
  • A case of distrust
  • Through the Darkest of Times

The Hello Neighbor games count only as one choice so in total you will get 13 games.


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Humble Choice:  Lysander or random (442)

Referrer receives $11 AUD in Wallet Credit for the first 30 brand new subscribers that signup for Humble Choice after clicking on a referral link.

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  • actually pretty decent month, might be time to not pause :D

  • First Humble Monthly/Choice I have actually been happy with this year, plus they are giving us all 12, which literally removes the Choice

  • Good month, there somebody had to say it!

  • I wish all months were this good.

  • i thought it was garbage as i didnt recognise any. which ones are good?

      • Wargroove - Reminds me a lot of Advance Wars
      • Little Big Workshop - Factory Sim with an Overcooked aesthetic.
      • Automachef - Cute puzzle game. Thought it'd be more of a factory sim.
    • Are you a Vampire fan?

      Vampyr for 12 USD alone is already a historical lowest price and you get the other games as a bonus for free.

      Gives me bloodline and blade feels.

  • Awesome. Hope everyone happy this time.

    • According to reddit this is another 'worst of all time!' bundle -_-

      To be honest I've still stayed subscribed for the last few months.
      Vinodra's post in last month's thread listing them out and recommending to give them a chance encouraged me to unpause, and I've had fun with a bunch of them as a result (That Don't Escape 4 game was amazingly good fun :D)

      There's a bout half a dozen things here that I have wishlisted, and being able to claim all instead of choosing is an added plus.

      • I admit it is not really great but the value in this bundle is amazing for grandfathered humble choice subscribers aka the ones that still only pay 12 USD for 12 games subscribers which you cannot get anymore.

        Vampyr alone is worth the price of the whole bundle alone but there will definitely be future bundles and deals that will make Vampyr below $3 AUD but that will take some time.

      • Other than vampyre I'll agree with reddit. This might be the first I pause in over a year, had it not been for Battlestar Galactica deadlock, that honour would have gone to the previous humble choice.

        • Ditto on passing this month. The only game that jumped out at me was Automachef. But I already got that a year ago with Prime membership.

          Also I am loving the 3d turn based combat mechanics in Battlestar Galactica Deadlock. Usually I pass on TV-based games so it was a surprisingly worthwhile unlock.

  • only passing this month because I don't need any more games (sorry HB) due to recently discovering GamePass for PC

    • You will regret it when they are not 1 game for 1 USD any more or at least that is what I keep telling myself.

      I look back at the early humble bundles and regret not picking them up as they have never gotten that cheap ever again.

      Do your future self a favour and pick up almost every humble bundle bundle or double check with ITAD to see if it the lowest historical price ever to further determine whether to buy it or not.

      My 90 year old self with no pension will thank my younger self for this forward thinking down the road I know it :)

      • I guess purchasing it because its cheap rather than actually purchasing and using it is the OzBargain way

  • Looking to swap for keys for the kids - please see classifieds.

  • Already have wargroove, dunno should I get this.

    • As an avid games purchaser the only way you will get the games here cheaper is if you ask your steam friends and beg for it lol.

      I am on the old plan so I get it for 1 USD per game basically.. not many bundle deals are that good and the ones that sell games for less than 1 USD each are usually garbage.

      At least these games have more than 100 reviews on all of them.

      Daily Indie Game and other cheap bundle sites have games even your dog don't want to play.

  • Those still wondering whether to grab this bundle or not here is an ITAD page to help you decide it shows you the cheapest prices these games have been and the total current lowest price of all items and its total historical lowest price of all items.

    It helps me decide for or against some deals based on value principle.


    Hope this helps enjoy!

  • Anyone willing to trade We were here together for any of:

    • Automa Chef
    • American Fugitive
    • Little Big Workshop
    • Hello Neighbor
    • Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek
    • Genesis Alpha One
    • The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters
    • A case of distrust
    • Through the Darkest of Times
  • Nearly bought automachef last week on sale, but had 2nd thoughts (like I do on every game :P) thought to myself, just wait, it might be on the monthly bundle and you've got a heap of games to get through. BONUS! only took a week. Now it gets to join the list lol. had to get MS FS though - figured that would never make it!

  • So if i buy the annual @ $15 price will i get 10 games each month or is it only this month?

  • If you purchase one of the following bundles (highest tier):





    it gives you access to the Humble choice premium tier for a month in form of a coupon (new subscribers only)

    • Thanks mate, picked up a 20th anniversary bundle for $13 on a new account + got this month choice for free (with the coupon). Legend

      • Honestly the best deal right now but unfortunately current existing subscribers can't take advantage of this at all.

  • Ozbarginers paying too much. If you have been pausing each month you probably have been getting offered 4 bucks off to stay. You can go to pause to get the discount this month as well

  • Reminder that even if you like what's on offer for the month, you can click pause and Humble will give you an option to take $4 off the price of that month.
    So basically, virtual haggling.

  • Lol honestly who gives a crap if it's good or not. I have 5 years of humble bundle monthly, now choice lol and literally thousands of games I can't be fked sorting through to see what is worth playing. Lastly it's all for charity so meh.

    It used to be better with classic monthly now with choice its alot of work to backdate and pick the games u want. I barely log in these days.

    It just adds to the thousands of games on steam I'll never play.

  • Looking to trade for Call of Cthulhu + Vampyr. Got bunch of spare keys, if interested send me a pm

  • I’ve never heard of Humblr Bundle-so it’s a subscription like foxtel?i bought one for my nephew but don’t want it to be ongoing; should I cancel immediately or wait a few days? Do I lose access to the games i paid for if I cancel (like Netflix)?

    • No, you can cancel the humble bundle choice but will have access to games u paid for. When you cancle the subscription will be in active. You can always pause the subscription until there a lrare games your nephew likes. I have had my direct debit for years and never play 90% of the games now. Its just a charity donation.

  • Anyone thinking of signing up, hit me up for a referral link. Would appreciate it for the referral credits.

  • Would anyone with an active subscription be able to share their 20% store discount with me? You can do it once a month: https://support.humblebundle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026249...