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Men's Heattech Extra Warm Long Sleeve Shirt $19.90 (Was $29.90) @ Uniqlo


Part of Uniqlo's rotating weekly sales catalogue. Free shipping on orders over $60, otherwise ~$7.
Note: sign in and try coupon code @JU$T*4YOU^! for $5 off order over $50 (Targeted).

I wear these every day under my uniform and have found them not only warm, but very soft and non-irritating to the skin. Hold their shape well, dry very fast, and mine have lasted over a year.

(from Uniqlo)
1.5 times warmer than regular HEATTECH. Shorter sleeves stay hidden under clothes.
- Comfort features include bio-warming, insulating, moisturizing, anti-microbial and self-deodorizing.
- Stretchy, shape-retaining material.
- Soft back yarns for extra comfort.

50% Acrylic, 33% Rayon, 13% Polyester, 4% Spandex

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  • These are really good for the price, much nicer than Kathmandu ones

  • The turtle neck style is the best. Wear a fleece or flannel shirt over the top and its nice and warm without needing to layer up.

  • This $5 off code might also be of use for some - 4YOUAUG$

  • These have seriously gotten me through this winter, really nice soft material, very warm and thin so you can be warm without having to wear 100 layers. The regular heattech is great as well, perfect for slightly chilly days.

    Lots of the heatech is on special atm, here's some womens ones I love.

    This is prob my favourite, the extra warm scoop neck, $19.90 down from $29.90. I like that the lower neck means you can wear it with a wide range of pullovers/sweaters and it doesn't show.

    Extra Warm Ribbed High Neck T-Shirt for $19.90 down from $29.90

    Extra warm turtleneck $19.90 down from $29.90

  • these are a must in melbournes winters. before uniqlo arrived in australia, i was finding myself blowdrying the insides of my jeans and trousers just to get inside them without goosebumps. does this just happen to me?

    anyway, i wear HEATTECH extra warm inner leggings and top 100% of the time during winter. they are a MUST. do not underestimate them.

    on the other hand their airism i didn't like, they're so thin and show all ur handles and nipples so don't recommend them. just wear a tank top or less, or carry a fan

    • 100% agree with you on the AIRism range, though I suspect they're meant to be more loungewear/PJs than anything else. This is particularly true for the AIRism Mesh, you're basically just wearing a mesh net. These have saved me on those blazing summer nights where it's 30 degrees C in my apartment…

    • Do the leggings fit TTS? Leggings I've had in the past seem to be on the small size such that I get concerned they're restricting blood circulation, but on the other hand I'm wary that these may stretch out a bit after a few washes.

      • always get the one that gives you extra room. they're not designed to be tights that stop ur blood circulation lol. i made that mistake with the 1st ones i bought. go with my advice and get the size where its slightly looser. (im a size 32 / 33 mens waist, but i get the XL leggings, and they go invisibly in any pants or wear them standalone as i am now.

        you'll be able to wear them as warm lounge with no pants OR wear them as inner leggings under jeans trousers etc. i basically NEVER not wear them in winters (i have 3 of the leggings).

        my veteran legging experience - buy ultra warm leggings if you want to wear them at home as lounge pants, they are warmer than anything you'll ever wear. and extra warm leggings as inners.

  • Does Uniqlo restock during sales? All the grey colours across the HT range are out of stock in my size.

  • This with a fleece jacket your done for any winter day.

  • Nice find! :)

  • Can anyone comment on the differences between 'heattech' vs 'heattech extra warm' (e.g., how much warmer is extra warm, is there much of a difference in fabric thickness, etc.).


    • Yeah I tried them all and there's a decent difference. The basic one I found a bit thin, the middle one (extra) adds a nice fluffy lining, and the Ultra was a bit too warm for regular weather personally.

  • I used to shop in-store a lot in Uniqlo, first time ordered online and:

    Purchased few and one of my clothes was wrong size.
    I ordered L, the pack states L, but a M size inside.
    Does this mean it's a 'refurbished' item???
    Because I guess they pack each size seperately and the only chance it got wrong, is it was a 'refurbished one'.
    Either a returned one or tried on one in-store, so they messed up the packs.

    The solution they provided wasn't good enough, told me to send it back, get refund and purchase a new one.
    Mate, I'm in VIC and there's no post office within 5 km from home.
    Also I have to purchase another $60 for a delivery or pay for delivery for this single item.

    The time frame would be over 2 months though.
    Wait for the lockdown ends, send it back, they check it, get refund, re-order, wait for the delivery. WTH.

    Really, not a Japanese style service at all!!!

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