Optus Home Wireless (A good experience so far)

So was due to get cut off from ADSL2+ due to HFC NBN now installed. I was with Exetel and they were saying home wireless wasn't available in my area even though they wholesale from Optus?

Anyway i went to Optus and signed up for $75/500gb. Speed tests are 35-40mbps down and 40mbps up.

Just thought i'd post a good experience with this service, if you're in a metro area and close to a tower, seems to be quite competitive with HFC Nbn Plans.

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    I had the old one that was capped at 12mbs. Was good at first, then over time degraded as the cell filled up. Luckily HFC NBN came a few months ago (they had to lay new underground cable). Now getting 106 down and 34 up (Optus).

    • That's good, i was going to be happy with 5-12mbps down in reality, so my expectation going in was low and just hoping for similar ADSL2+ speeds. So a pleasant surprise so far, if it degrades i will consider the switch to nbn but since i want to move house next year this was a better option.

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    I ditched ADSL for Optus 4G 20 months ago.
    Have had one slowdown and that was due to power outages that affected towers.
    Other than that 40mbit minimum at all times have hit 180 sustained in off peak times.
    We don't game, but do use the connection for work and streaming. Sincerely cannot fault it.
    9 km out of Perth CBD.
    With the contract nearing end I will grab a month from ABB to see how well FTTN performs. If it's crap I'll just resign with Optus.

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    I have it, got it on the deal thing they had when it was $69 a month or similar, I get about the same speeds, I can increase it by restarting my modem and it puts me back to a higher bandwidth. But was easy to setup and use which I was happy with.

    My only issue with it is when I applied for the month to month thing, they did a credit check, and the check itself dropped my credit score. Which kind of irked me considering this is just a month to month thing that you can bail any time.

  • What are the speeds like during 6PM-9PM?

    In my area it was quite bad. Luckily I got a refund.

    Early morning 120mbps/30mbps. Night was less than 10mbps…

    • I get similar speeds at all times. Peak hours at night streaming kayo in 1080p no problem. That's all I need 😂

      Never got as high as 120mbps though 😳

    • How did you get a refund? I'm also thinking of getting a plan but im worried about poor speed…

  • Have had good experiences with this plan here in Yamba NSW. Great speeds up to 220mbs. The local tower had a few problems as Optus was working on them. Spoke via live chat and said the tower would be down for a week! Yikes… Suggested I should buy another plan (Telstra) and they would reimburse me. Bought a $75/200GB plan from Telstra for one month. The Optus tower was back up and running on time and the money was reimbursed. Amazing. Great service. BTW put the Telstra sim in an old Nighthawk modem while waiting for Optus to come on line and the download speeds were terrible. Variable with times of the day but sometimes less than 1Mbs! For now Optus is killing them. Certainly no complaints..

    • I just did a modem firmware update and getting 180mbps. Not sure why anyone would want 25mb NBN at this point!

      • May I ask, what modem?

  • I have had Optus 4G home internet for coming up to 2 years. Excellent product, very happy with speeds, only one glitch, one of the three towers that serve my address was off the air and speeds were slow for about 36 hours.
    Otherwise 40-50mps download most times of the day (E burbs of Melb).
    No problems with Netflix, Stan, Kayo or any other streaming service.
    Would be happy to stay aboard when the contract comes up but as always, looking for a deal…

  • Have had Optus 4G home broadband for close to 2 years now, I wasn't satisify with the range, speed and stability with just the little pocket wifi provided by Optus, so I ended up getting the Netgear DC112A to dock the pocket wifi and also an external antenna to go with it too.

    On a good day, I could get around 120/40. Only down side is the 500GB data limit with the older plans, where it would cost $10 for extra 10GB, which now I think it's $10 for extra 40GB.

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