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Occams Laser Darksynth Bundle - US$2.50 (~A$3.50) Minimum @ Groupees


A new bundle has started on Groupees from prolific British darksynth artist Occams Laser. Surprisingly this is his first solo bundle on there and it includes the vast majority of his discography. The first bonus has almost been unlocked already and 20% of your payment will be donated to charity.

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2.50 minimum you get:

Occult 86 (album)
The Four Horsemen (EP)
Flagellation (EP)
Crucifixation (EP)
Force Majeure (EP)
A-Sides (EP)

For $5 minimum you also get:

New Blood (album)
Occult 87 (album)
Purgatory (album)
The Grid (album)
Take Your Time (album)

For $8 minimum you also get:

Occult 88 (album)
Ascension (album)
Tension (album)
Nine Circles (album)
1989 (EP)
Power Up (album)

For $10 minimum you also get:

New Blood II (album)
Occult 89 (album)
Return to the Grid (album)
Midnight Escape (album)
Judgment Day (EP)
Mnemonic Possession (EP)

Both of the bonuses have been unlocked.

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