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DJI Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit $115 Shipped (HK) @ TobyDeals


Not sure if Toby Deals' regular price or not, but I was looking for it and it's regular price at most other retailers carrying it at the moment (i.e. $179). I think it's a good price if you want it now (well, shipped from HK, now-ish).

I believe people have had mixed experiences with Toby Deals, I've only bought one thing off them and had no issues that time. I've just placed an order with them for this, will reply here once it arrives (or not I guess! :))

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  • Thanks OP, been keeping an eye out for this and also the underwater housing. I agree for $115 its not to bad a deal.

  • Any comments around the use of these addons? Is it actually useful?

    • It depends what you're wanting to use the camera for. The main thing I'm getting this for is the wireless base, which retails for $99 from memory, and I haven't seen go much below $90 on sale. This allows remote control and monitoring from a mobile device, so you can put the camera itself on a selfie stick or tripod or a shelf or whatever and control it from your phone.

      The GoPro mount goes hand in hand with that one to allow you to mount it somewhere interesting, where you can then control it remotely.

      The scroll wheel accessory provides better feedback and control than the on-screen equivalent which is built-in, but it's more used if you're trying to do manual controlled tilts or pans. Be aware you can't use the GoPro mount and the scroll wheel accessory at the same time as they don't both physically fit.

      The 32GB SD card only gives about half an hour shooting at 4K60 I think, so will probably end up in a dashcam instead :)

      • I have been looking at this deal also but I require it in 2 weeks? How did you go? Did it get shipped straight away, was it legit??

        • If you need it in two weeks, I wouldn't risk it tbh. I ordered this on the day I posted this, which is now 9 days ago, and it still hasn't left HK according to tracking. So would not recommend in your circumstances.

    • I personally used the scroll wheel the most but the wireless module has the most functionality. Both work well for its part; limitation of the scroll wheel it only pans in either vertical or horizontal; you don't have full dimensional joystick pan. My fat thumbs always had trouble get the vertical pan on the slither edge of the micro-touch screen. However, the option to have joystick control is still easily available by the wireless module as your phone can do it.

      The wireless modules opens up a lot of versatility and creativity with your footage but you're best to have a tripod or mount. Not mention just being able to have view all the preview footage/photos and the controls on a more intuitive larger screen is a plus. You can pretest the settings to make sure the focus, exposure etc are all done correctly through your phone, instead of praying the footage will turn out ok. The wireless base is stable on a flat surface indoor but it would blow over with the slightest wind.

      The downsides are always removing the accessories each time you want to house your pocket back in the OEM case because it won't fit.
      I paid $179 for the pack which was definitely overpriced, it should really be <$100.

  • 1.40% Cashrewards as well.

  • Did anyone actually buy this deal and receive it??

    • I have placed an order, and apparently it's been picked and sent to the courier's packaging facility - that was the last update, from 4 days ago.

      • Can't seem to work out how to edit sorry… tracking number received overnight last night FYI. Currently @ HK Parcel Hub.

        • Keep me in the loop. I brought another one but I’d like to hear about Toby Deal legitimacy.

          • @JemJemC: Will do. I'm slightly cynical of this tracking now though as the latest update is that it's in transit, a few hours into the future tonight :/ I mean I guess they could have extrapolated that out that that would be the case, but it still looks a bit sus :)

          • @JemJemC: Received delivery yesterday, so ordered 9/8 and delivered to Sydney 26/8, a bit over 2 weeks.

            All looks legit and both the wireless module and the control wheel accessory connect to the Osmo and work as expected. The GoPro accessory mount fits fine as well. One thing I found is that 4K60 with D-Cine colour profile is not available with the wireless module connected.4K50 seems fine, which is good as that also allows Face and Object Tracking if you want it.

            Happy with my purchase, if you can deal with the wait.

  • $117 now but code "CART3" gives 3% off, comes to $113.49

    • For anyone interested, i oredered this kit on the 14th and received on the 23rd. Week and a half delivery from HK isnt too bad.